2019 Australian Grand Prix: Race Highlights

2019 Australian Grand Prix: Race Highlights

Excitement was in the air in Melbourne as the 2019 F1 season got off to a dramatic start…

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59 Responses

  1. Rama Syailendra says:

    At the start I was like:
    “Maybe a Merc-Merc-Ferrari-Ferrari”.

    But a wild Honda appears in front of the 2 Ferraris…

  2. S McGreevy says:

    Williams giving ferrari a few tips on ‘improving’

  3. op3l says:

    I just want to say… mclaren harping on Honda about their power unit… and look at it now. They still midfield and Honda is winning podiums.

    • Miguel Augusto says:

      That’s why allonso retired, couldn’t stand Honda taking podiums with him stucked in the midfield and being passed by them

    • Jacob 0.o says:


    • ShmuelWeintraub says:

      This is Honda’s first podium (and well done). It’s a little early to start handing out full season awards based on a single race through a park (more like a street circuit than the purpose built high speed circuits that are coming).

      BTW: Verstappen 3rd; Hulkenberg 7th; Kvyat 10th; Gasly 11th; Norris 12th; Albon 14th.

      So apart from MV’s great drive, there wasn’t a lot in the overall battle between the Honda and Renault powered cars (7th & 12th – after Norris was held up badly by Giovinazzi for many laps – vs 10th, 11th and 14th.). I’d say the Renault-Honda battle will be one of the more interesting ones to follow throughout the year…

    • CJSchecter96 says:

      Yeah Mclaren talked up their car but look what happens when you put the Honda in the actual best chassis in the field.

    • ritwht says:

      Well congratulations to Honda stepping up because even though McLaren might’ve been up-selling their chassis, the Honda was still solidly the worst engine in the field for years.

  4. MrHcbal says:

    WOW! Red Bull in the podium with honda engine…shame on you mclaren.

    • CKYer101 says:

      You have to think Honda was reentering after a decade and was under developed and had problems with the mgu-h. They are one of the reasons for the proposed 2021 engine regs

    • Dudlinger says:

      Dude, at the start of their third season Honda delivered an engine that didn’t fit with the transmission. It’s great that they got their shit together after five years, but everyone shitting on McLaren for dropping Honda after three years of horrible performance and a relationship that obviously was just not working is getting ridiculous

    • App Magician says:

      +Dudlinger It was Mclarens fault, they are incapable of building the right car, not to mention how to respect the Japanese

  5. Ape from the kitchen of Enki and Enlil. says:

    The *Honda power* was amazing. Great job Japan!

  6. Miguel Medina says:

    Bottas: _”F1 2019 Season, _*_It’s Valtteri…”_*
    James: _”Holy…”_

  7. Ahmad Faisal says:

    It seems the Honda power unit is quite powerful in other team.

    • ShmuelWeintraub says:

      Honda powered cars finished 3rd, 10th, 11th and 14th. Renault powered cars finished 7th & 12th. Verstappen drove exceptionally well here, but aside from him the battle between the two engine manufacturers was quite close. Hopefully this will continue through the year…

    • TheFilthyLiam says:

      So that’s two Renault powered cars that didn’t finish at all. Also; 16 points for ‘Honda’ and only 6 for ‘Renault’.

    • ShmuelWeintraub says:

      +TheFilthyLiam : Yes, one with engine (looked like hybrid/battery from the colour of the smoke coming out) problems and one “other”… I suspect aerodynamic issues after DR battered his barge boards during the first lap incident, but have not heard. Almost all the Honda points came from Max… he was the difference today, not the Honda engine.

      Looking forward to seeing the relative performance of the engines (all) on a proper racing circuit rather than in the park…

    • Bean says:

      Everyone seems to forget, even when the dramas with Renault started and they looked to have no engine supplier for that year, Honda was an option and they still turned it down because it wasn’t as fast or reliable, Red Bull had to do some backpedaling to get a deal done or there was no engine in that car that year, they’ve got the Honda now that it’s had some extensive development but there was no chance Red Bull would have considered that engine in 2015/16/17.
      RB seems to contrive their own results too, seemed funny that they where carrying on about how bad the Renault must be, “look at all Ricciardo’s retirements”, meanwhile the other side of the garage is blazing in multiple wins (when he’s not blazing into other cars) and when Daniel did manage a pole that team was genuinely shocked as if that wasn’t supposed to happen?

    • Dudlinger says:

      They damn better be 2 years later. They sucked for three years, if they hadn’t been able to make a decent engine even after five years…

  8. Vlad_is_Rad 420 says:

    Ferrari have a special ability to somehow always disappoint their fans

  9. didickcheeseburger says:

    maybe honda wasnt mclarens problem

  10. MopeyMo says:

    You can hear EVERYONE go “aawww” when Danny loses his front wing?

  11. 2bh14hek says:

    Since there’s gonna be an extra point for the fastest lap each race. Can we plz have the on-board view of that lap after the upload of race highlights?

  12. DAT BOY HURMIZ says:

    What the hell did you have for breakfast

  13. ahjwille says:

    Switch the Torpedo with Gasly. Torpedo is faster.

  14. Justin Case says:

    Honda is the kind of girl that went out with a friend of yours, but your friend called her crazy. Then you get to know her and you find out it was your friend who was crazy all along.

  15. Marek Snopek says:

    4:32 a look that says “But I’m still getting the 2020 seat, right?”

  16. Chada says:

    Did u guys notice that there were no penalities in this race. Not even any cars under investigation and all. I can’t remember the last time that happened……

  17. daniel richardson says:

    4:45 Bottas Wins Australian GP,
    Ocon to Toto, I’m still getting a drive though? Toto… Toto?

  18. mpjopa tv says:

    3:03 imagine the drivers view of that car driving by seeing a formula 1 car less than 50 feet away from your car.

  19. 小池詠介 says:

    Verstappen!thank you for finishing third for Honda .

  20. David Young says:

    Ocon: I’m ready for a Mercedes seat.
    Bottas: Hold my porridge.

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