2019 Belgian Grand Prix: Race Highlights

2019 Belgian Grand Prix: Race Highlights

The best of the action at Spa on a day filled with emotion.

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66 Responses

  1. E N says:

    0:29 “here comes Sebastian Vettel AGAIN”

    I love how Crofty repeated his line from Belgium last year when Seb overtook Lewis on the same straight ?

  2. kamboj sb says:

    *watches entire F1 race when it happens*
    *watches entire replay to make sure nothing changed*

  3. JepZ says:

    If you ever feel down, just remember: even Williams both got fastest lap

  4. francesco zizza says:

    Ferrari are red
    Red bulls are blue
    This race is for Anthoine
    Not a Mercedes 1-2

  5. Andrea says:



  6. victor 91 says:

    this sport is dangerous. hats of to drivers who do it every time despite the risk.

  7. Nawal Annur says:

    This is the race of the youth.. Charles wins, Norris got 5th on McLaren until his engine giveout, Albon impressing us..

    • Jake Block says:

      I didn’t get to see the race. Why was Norris out if he crossed the line?

    • Viper23Pete says:

      Jake Block He wasn’t on the last lap

    • Sarah Connor says:

      If it was verstappen though he would have been p4 or p3 . Albon got lucky wity p5 cuz of norris out

    • Rachel Ong says:

      @Sarah Connor Better than gasly when he was in red bull.

    • Léo F says:

      @Rachel Ong First of all RB didn’t fuck up the strategy, especially because of Verstappen DNF (to my opinion). On fresh tyres he was totally lost unable to overtake Giovinazzi and Pierre was the fastest of all the RB pilots. Wait and see, the end of his race was amazing with soft tyres more freshed than burnt medium tyres of all others, and the P5 was a bit lucky with the 2 McLarens and MV DNF bit that’s the race. BTW I agree that he doesn’t hesitate to overtake positions as Pierre on RB. We’ll see the true level of Albon on tracks like Singapore.

  8. InstrumentalsBeats says:

    Great drive from LeClerc to gain his maiden victory, many more to come ? Good drive too from Lewis Hamilton, reminding detractors what he can do on a race weekend in a car that isn’t the fastest on the grid

    • Carl Villanos says:

      The Mercs are actually faster than Ferrari on mediums. Look at Vettel on his 2nd stop wearing softs. They expected to pump 1:44-45s but barely pulled ahead of Bottas 1:46.4 on older mediums. If anything, Bottas was faster than Ham nearing the end. Ferrari was struggling. Mercs had the better pace but Ferrari was indeed faster on 1 lap / short stint.

    • Salty Bane says:

      @Carl Villanos aren’t vettel’s softs used already? I get your point though

    • John Wesley says:

      @Carl Villanos The Ferraris were obviously faster, isn’t it how they won pole and runner up, smh.

    • Jossy M says:

      @Carl Villanos “Bottas was faster than Ham nearing the end” Care to explain how you’ve reached that conclusion? All the data plus what we saw with our own eyes showed Lewis pulling away from Bottas, lap by lap. Only when Seb held Lewis up did Bottas reduce the gap, but once past he pulled away again despite Seb pitting and leaving Bottas in free air. So I’m very keen to read about the subsequent additional information you’ve discovered that proves your statement. I’ll happily concede the point if you can prove it with data.

    • A D says:

      Time is made up in the corners. Mercedes destroy every car in the corners this year. Straight line speed doesnt do much on most tracks.

  9. Alex smith says:

    i can see why norris got driver of the day. lmao “IM ON 1% NOOOOOO ITS BROKEN”

  10. Woogie Harrelson says:

    Renault and their engines look like a hot pile of garbage this season. I bet Horner laughs himself to sleep every night.

    • Pel Gram says:

      Learn history, Renault engines have won champs in every decade since the 80s …no one else has. They also won 4 races last year

    • Sven Buck says:

      McLaren need to change that engine for 2020

    • Woogie Harrelson says:

      Pel Gram “learn history” thanks man you’re so enlightening it’s like reading words written by Jesus himself.

    • Moptimus Prime says:

      @GtvFreaq bennetton renault in 1994 and 1995. Williams renault in 1996 and 1997 and renault with alonso won also few titles. Red bull with Vettel won 4 titles. To say renault sucks is stupid.

    • Dheka Noerhidayah Vivaldi says:

      @Moptimus Prime renault in past is great but now?? We know what we think right? Cant say great anymore

  11. CottonGirrrrraffe says:

    Good to see that Gasly’s results haven’t changed since the demotion.

  12. Iván Martín Jiménez says:

    Feel so bad for Mclaren… They could have done it soo well here in Spa.. The luck was not with then this weekend

  13. SvenT23 says:

    Glad the new Honda power source seemed to work very well (Albon & Kvyat)
    Great win for Leclerc finally. Shame for Giovinazzi after an impressive race

  14. Adam Amjid says:

    Car: is smooth

    Renault engine: allow us to introduce ourselves

  15. Gabriel FunfDrei says:

    The Grosjean Radio beef was soooo funny…was just thinking about the second season of drive to survive???

  16. Clarence Dela Cruz says:

    The best camera angle for Eau Rouge-Radillion is right here at 1:38

  17. LewisJHGaming says:

    Big board at the end of the race “congratulations charles”
    Lando Norris: “no power, no power, aaahhhh **** **** ******** ** **** noooo”

  18. MrMicheliinMan - GFX Designer says:

    Riccardo needs to switch teams, talented driver in a dead car

    • Raymund Bumagat says:

      Indeed, fcking strategy for Renault there. He could at least visit the pit for 2nd time and finish the race with a point but no. ??‍♂️

    • GloomGaiGar says:

      The memory of F1 fans, I swear. He said he knew, success would not be immediate and he was in it for the long game.

    • mukundan nair says:

      @GloomGaiGar the success implied championship winning capability. Their target this year was being the best of the rest. Everyone including Renault believe that they should have done better.

    • Mashiat99 says:

      GloomGaiGar Renault has no potential at all.

    • Timothy Heimbach says:

      I have been ranting about their strategy all afternoon. Why on earth he didn’t put with 11 or 12 left to go I don’t know.

  19. Marius Remeikis says:

    Renault engine on the last turn: ight ima head out

  20. EpicYoshi says:

    This win is for everyone Leclerc lost…
    R.I.P Hubert, Bianchi, Leclerc’s dad

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