2019 British Grand Prix: Race Highlights

2019 British Grand Prix: Race Highlights

The 70th British Grand Prix was a classic…

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93 Responses

  1. Richard WILSON says:

    Austria GP = *Charles Leclerc* = _’Verstappen knock me out.’_
    Britist GP = *Vettel* _’Hold my Beer Charles’_
    *Charles Leclerc* = _’Thanks, you are my hero!’_ ?

  2. GFmanaic says:


    • Humanus Universalus says:

      Exactly my thougts.

    • BIERNAT says:

      yeah.. that was so BS.. I didnt know whats happening, super frustrating !

    • Thomwashere says:

      Look at that man clapping! It’s amazing!!

    • Johan Noel Fernando says:

      Everyone out here saying this was vettels fault. I am not a fan of him but this was definitely a 50/50 situation. Max was breaking war top early, with an opponent in his back trying to recover with such pace this it totally stupid. Vettel should have tried to take over from the right side to try to get the inside on the starting straight.

    • Brown Pants says:

      I’ve never seen so many white people in one place

  3. Guillermo fernàndez says:

    A lot of Leclerc vs Verstappen hasn´t been shown, please upload a full video with the on track (and on pits) battle

    • Jose Ignacio says:

      Well it’s supposed to be highlights. I suppose that full onboard will be available at some point though

    • 24Hour Of Alonso says:

      What the guy above me said, plus they probably don’t want to show off every angle on the race on their youtube channel, as that is possible to see through a paid F1 TV Pro subscription.

    • JDM GEARHEAD says:

      Guillermo fernàndez half the race was them fighting

    • Jose Ignacio says:

      @24Hour Of Alonso also the whole chase was like 28 minutes

  4. zRezek 71 says:

    I got to say even though it is another Mercedes 1; 2, I really enjoyed this race. It was just full of battles!

    • TheStuntdude12 says:

      Not really interested in who wins now but I’m glad we get to see some clean and close racing finally. So many overtakes and fights

    • LeCharles07 says:

      @TheStuntdude12 “Clean” haha, ok.

    • Ravur Movie says:

      I didn’t even see a Mercedes the whole frigging race. Lol

    • Bob Morton says:

      I had some dude saying Lewis was handed the win by them bringing out the safety car for him. :/ I agree that it should have been a virtual one, even then lewis would have jumped Bottas. But again, Lewis would have jumped bottas anyway as he would have switch to a 1 stopper. Best driver won at the end of the day, and that last lap showed it.

    • Graham Barnewall says:

      Ravur Movie neither did anyone else outside of the top two

  5. Athrun82 says:

    Honda-powered cars overtake Ferraris several times in one race
    Alonso: It is a yoke!!!!

  6. TSM-GamerYT says:

    Verstappen: Hahaha I got past You! Bye!

    Vettel: Hold my Bratwurst!

  7. Michael Geers says:

    Leclerc vs Verstappen should be epic for years to come!

  8. Autoridade Android #100K says:

    *Hamilton overtakes Bottas*
    *Bottas trying to recover the position*

  9. Nilesh Pable says:

    Austria : That’s terrifically exciting race
    Silverstone : Hold my gin

    Awesome duelling between Charles & Max

  10. Cole Harvey says:

    I’d watch Verstappen and Leclerc fight for 19th place and enjoy it. Great rivalry brewing.

  11. CrLe says:

    Kimi carrying whole team by himself this seasson, brilliant drive keeping Kvyat behind

  12. Ralesong says:

    The guy that makes the call to show the crowd, while two drivers battle each other should be fired.

    • EliteTrance Champions says:

      @ARRGHHH Agree, but from 2001 is when it really started to happen loads. Every season after that and most races it happens and it infuriates me. I remember writing a letter moaning to ITV about it.

    • Remy says:

      @ARRGHHH Im not saying it was amazing before. I’ve just noticed it has been especially bad this season.

    • Harry Bond says:

      @EliteTrance Champions the TV broadcasters do not control it. Pointless moaning to them. Just FOM

    • Anthony Ironmonger says:

      Reminds me of WWE when they show the crowd when a chair shot happens

    • EliteTrance Champions says:

      @Harry Bond Yes I know that now lol

  13. Alexandros-Charis Chari says:

    C’mon seb pull off this mask…….

    Pastor is that you??

  14. Furin Furetto says:

    Verstappen and Leclerc bringing F1 back to old glory! Let those two guys race!!! Fking amazing

  15. Mizz Martz says:

    Kvyat from P17 to P9 and not a single replay of any overtake

    • Joe Garside says:

      Mizz Martz Good achievement, should defo be recognised, but he gained sooo many of those positions in the pit stops (via Safety Car) and we lost both Haas cars, Giovinazzi and pretty much Seb

    • Daniel Stark says:

      he made it using the safety car thats why sainz went 13th to 6th as well

    • lusass H says:

      Same like sainz in austria

  16. Smaug says:

    Leclerc, Verstappen, Norris, Albon, Russel: fantastic future…

    • Smoking Hell says:

      @Pentapolim, O Gigante Místico da Mancha Same when the Red bull where so far ahead of other teams, it was so boring to watch. It took time for Mercedes and Ferrari to catch up after the 2009 regulation changes, so nothing changed.

    • Pentapolim, O Gigante Místico da Mancha says:

      @Smoking Hell Look at the statistics. The V8 era, including the RBR dominance was still way more competitive than today

    • Jos VES says:

      @Leon F1 Beschte Overlapped?!

    • YVES MIJA says:

      leclerc and verstappen has been going at it since their karting days. this is such a delight to see to carry over to f1

    • tdbest2000 says:

      You forgot gasly ?

  17. Sean Mahan says:

    This is the best race I’ve seen in years… please keep this up!! I NEED MORE!!!

    • Sean Mahan says:

      SirmalcolmHd This was the first race, I got non-racing sporting fans, to actually enjoy the entire Grand Prix and watch the whole thing. It’s all about keeping the racing sporting fans hooked/happy and attracting new fans to sport. Both were incredible races though, this one was just more exciting throughout the entirety

    • Sean Mahan says:

      bir sam I couldn’t agree more

    • Hashim Afzal says:

      Sean Mahan Just out of curiosity, what exactly are you smoking???

    • Willi six says:

      @SirmalcolmHd you Caucasian you just can’t stand the fact that the best driver in F1 is black! Sucks for you

    • Cody MacCarroll says:

      You missed a lot of great races last year

  18. Josh 3456 says:

    Leclerc has really learnt to get his elbows out now. Can’t wait to see more of him vs Verstappen

    • Carl The Fat Man Wheezer says:

      Josh 3456 he always was a good wheel to wheel racer if you watched him in junior categories he can race just as hard as Verstappen when he’s in angry mode lol

    • Maarten Kok says:

      Yeah, he said he would do this after last week and he liked it if it would be allowed

    • YVES MIJA says:

      this has been going on since their karting days. theres a video of them when they got an accident on karts

    • Ataberk Celebi says:

      Leclerc is evolving to something more f*cking powerful after every race, I want to see he beat Max on the championship table (16 points maybe im not sure)

  19. Engineer 314 says:

    3:23 LeClerc was just straight up “NOPE!!!! Not like last time!”

  20. J Dodger says:

    Vettel 2019 crashes compilation coming at the end of the year?

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