2019 Game Grumps Updates + More!

2019 Game Grumps Updates + More!

Thank you for the endless support and we couldn’t be more excited to keep dropping new stuff in 2019!
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Game Grumps are:
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Danny ► http://www.youtube.com/NinjaSexParty

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71 Responses

  1. Micah Philson says:

    Dang it, I don’t have the time to watch the streams! I’m still watching through previous ones, and am only on Skyward Sword #3, but they’ve done 5 now!

    Can’t freaking wait for the return of Kitty Love, though, that game is hilarious!

  2. Zachary Robison says:

    I think “BE LOVELY!” would be a great shirt idea.

  3. Chilling Charmander says:

    Unpopular opinion: I really don’t like the streams they do just because the other people there besides Arin and Dan also the quality is a lot worse I’m still gonna watch them tho because I need my daily dose of Game Grumps

    • ryu2690 says:

      +kirby4815162342 right, I was also looking forward to seeing their KH playthrough and also disappointed they´re doing it like that ..specially cause during the streams they pay less attention to the game itself

    • kirby4815162342 says:

      +ryu2690 exactly.

    • João Gouveia says:

      Another issue I have with the streams is that they’re just too long. I don’t mind the occasional 2h episode, I can make time for it. Like when dan did some of his point and click adventure game solos. But when it’s 2h every week… I just can’t afford that… It also gets very tiring if it’s every week.

    • Litucino Plantino says:

      I don’t like them because they keep interrupting for donations, or shout-outs, whatever they are called in youtube. With a channel a big as this, trying to read them all is beyond disruptive imo. It becomes a shout-out reel rather than a stream.
      There’s an art to streaming and GG definitely hasn’t reached it.

      Edit: As a sidenote, I prefer streamers who don’t read or acknowledge donations on stream. Unpopular opinion maybe, but reading all donations is too distracting and boring.

    • Coolfunman1306 says:

      Yeah whenever I see oney or other youtubers stream the quality and sound is a lot better, I think the grumps should get their streaming advice from other youtubers. Also I’ve always wondered why they stopped streaming on twitch.

  4. MilkAndButter says:

    its like 10 min power hour but its serious

  5. chrispilgrim44 says:

    If weird Al were to get a bio-movie deal, Dan could be like the Rami Malek of Bohemian Rhapsody. You know what I’m saying

  6. Chadkins says:

    You guys really should take a break from Grumps. You’ve been doing it constantly for god knows how many years, and it’s very noticeable when you watch videos now compared to back when Dan first joined the show. You’ve fallen into a routine and that routine makes it into the videos; a lot of your conversations and jokes are echoes of the same conversations and jokes that you’ve been having for years.

    I love you guys and I think you’re both great comedians, the power hour has definitely helped remind me and a lot of people of that. But I want you to reflect if maybe the reason you want to do so many other things is because the let’s play has become at least a bit of a chore at this point.

    Either way, take a break guys. Do what’s right for you. It doesn’t matter if your job is playing video games, you need vacations. You might need a week, or 2 weeks, or a month, or 3 months, or a year. There’s no telling really, but if you don’t take vacations then what you’re doing WILL become unsustainable and the longer you wait, the greater chance that the first vacation you take will last indefinitely because you realize how sweet it feels to not feel responsible for that now.

    When was the last long vacation you had?

    • Nitro says:

      +Chadkins No offense Chadkins but you’re not Dan or Arin. What they decide to do is best for them and if you think you can tell them different that is a little strange in my opinion

    • Brandon Maples says:

      +Nitro thank you

    • Brandon Maples says:

      I love the kind intent behind this message but…. Did you even watch this video that you commented on?

    • Coolfunman1306 says:

      They pre-record videos in 7 episode batches and they do take breaks, I do remember in the sonic unleashed playthrough Arin and Dan have talked about their trips on vacation.

    • HalfBoiledHero says:

      Here’s my concern with that: the business strategy of Grumps is what kept them alive during all of the algorithm nonsense. That strategy was content every day. With that amount of videos, that guarantees at least _a few_ videos a week won’t get randomly demonetized, and allow enough revenue to keep going. Have some tropes entered into the content? Yes. But i don’t personally feel that it’s made the overall content less enjoyable. They are a full fledged corporation now and they need to keep it going.

      In regards to the last long break they had, Christmas for them was maybe 2 weeks from what I can gather, and then February of 2018 they took the whole month off. Lately more than ever they have realized the importance of breaks so they don’t run dry and still have fun. Hell, they’re still going on vacations recently. Arin went to Japan not too long ago. I see where you’re coming from, but I also see them having it under control.

  7. Sir Pikachu says:

    God DAMIT. I hate myself for so often forgetting what a precious bois Dan and Arin are! I’m glad that they are making changes for the better for them 🙂

  8. HellfireComms says:

    This is for the best. Doing too much leads to burnout which leads to poor content. Good luck with everything this year!

    • lasarousi says:

      Have you been watching the past year? Every episode was tired grumps because they had a tour here and there.

      They have been burned since the second year and refuse to be clear on why they continue, just money.

    • Sammone says:

      They dont refuse to be clear at all, this video is very clear >.> They really want to keep doing all of their regular things, because they enjoy doing them. It just took some time for them to realize and admit to themselves that it’s too much of a strain on them and that they needed to change it up a little.

  9. JackalJunky says:

    Honestly, there were kind of too many episodes to keep up with in my daily life, so less core episodes during the week and more of what you mentioned in the new schedule would def be cool

    • Joshua Piercey says:

      Yeah man, I’ve been a Grumps fan for a long time and I’m legit old now; I don’t have enough time in the day the same way the Grumps don’t. I trust the Grumps to know what represents quality and I appreciate their sensitivity there. Rock on Durnny and Urn.

    • efwefwef says:

      Been watching since the Jon era. This was the first year I really stopped watching and looking forward to new episodes

    • Nick Nichols says:

      Yeah man it was kinda hard to keep up with limited free time

    • JackalJunky says:

      +efwefwef yeah same, I started watching around the time that “what is this” episode of sonic 06 came out in the lava level when my brother showed me it. Jon Dan and Arin have all been a blast to watch over the years

    • Bryant721 says:

      Let me do it

  10. Mason Hallwirth says:

    Anyone else think Danny is looking extra Kenny G here?

  11. TheOrthodoxWaffle says:

    Is youtube attempting to kill off LPers? There’s a pattern of behavior that would indicate youtube doesn’t want them.

    • Stathio says:

      +deslacooda Yep, you said it.
      Man, fuck youtube’s treatment of its creators.

    • ClaireTheOtaco says:

      ikr, its just not the same youtube i came to know and love, and some of my fav creators have completely dropped out because of this corporate change

      rip :'(

    • Ceruliver says:

      Yeah, most lets players are sadly moving away from Lets plays or had to make something different. The biggest thing on Youtube right now is reaction/commentary videos and video essays which are longer and easier to make and it’s weird. I don’t get why they’re trying to shove away lets plays, especially since it’s what gained them so many users back in 2012-2015.
      Even the biggest youtuber Pewdiepie is more of a reaction channel than a lets player these days, because that’s what works.

    • Alex Kerr says:

      +Ceruliver Yes that is certainly true. I don’t know about other channels, but Rooster Teeth and all the channels under them rely more on First subscriptions and merch than they do youtube views. At least I’m pretty sure that’s the case, with videos being demonetized left and right these days.

      I know Game Grumps almost certainly isn’t big enough to rely on a website of their own like that, but maybe we will start to see other channels do similar things (I only watch about a handful of channels regularly, so I could be completely off about all this).

    • HalfBoiledHero says:

      It’s more that YouTube wants to promote only the most corporate-safe creators. The ones you can show to crusty old men without them getting scared. It’s inadvertently killing everyone else.

  12. ChattyWhacker says:

    We sure don’t want this show to be a Dodge Intrepid.

  13. C24U says:

    Oh this was actually kind of my fear that would happen with the channel in the idea that Game Grumps could become unsustainable in a sense that they could end up having to compromise doing stuff that they want to do because of viewer retention. It’s nice that they have found alternatives in the form of streaming but it makes me a bit sad that they have to make these kinds of compromises and I hope it doesn’t prevent them from doing stuff that they want to do.
    So many of the Youtuber’s I started with are basically gone now. Totalbiscuit passing away, Cryaotic going basically full time Twitch, Super Best Friends breaking up last month. It just makes me sad to see these kinds of things.

  14. Jeremy Boateng says:

    it’s so weird seeing Dan and arin NOT have an over ecstatic intro.

  15. blacksiopao says:

    *who is excited for FREE SLOT FRIDAYS*

  16. Iodescent says:

    As much as I dip in and out of watching my favourite content creators on YT, you guys are always a constant. I can honestly say that if I were told I could only watch videos from one channel for the rest of my life, I would choose Grumps. Arin and Danny’s friendship, their personailities both on and off screen as well as the incredible dedication from them and the rest of the team are what makes Grumps feel like its own little family. You guys works so damn hard and working to a routine schedule makes it much easier to plan stuff so you can work smarter. Love you all lots <3

  17. larsa89 says:

    Great news! Every Honda Civic needs an oil change once in a while.

  18. Cyanideperfume says:

    Honestly, you uploaded so much this year that I didn’t even have time to watch it all.

  19. Chloe B says:

    GameGrumps: “We’re gonna chill out a bit.”
    Also GameGrumps: *still posts way more than most other channels*

    Love you guys!

    • Coolfunman1306 says:

      To be fair they do record in sessions and they do take frequent breaks, I think 2018 was their most time working on game grumps than focusing on their vacations or breaks.

  20. Patterrz says:

    Youtube is impossible to understand, just have to go with what you think works best! Good luck in 2019 :]

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