2019 iPad Pro Impressions: Incredibly Thin!

2019 iPad Pro Impressions: Incredibly Thin!

The new iPad Pro widens the gap between itself and every other tablet.

3rd generation iPad Pro: https://apple.com/ipad-pro/

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Intro Track: Filet Mignon by The Cutlery



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92 Responses

  1. A Nonymous says:

    My wallet is thinner than this ipad 😥

  2. Hamza Khan says:

    Samsung prolly shidded their pants

  3. Rex RiCo says:

    As soon as he said “no headphone jack” I went straight to the comments…

  4. Sarah Hobbes says:

    No gold color 😭

  5. B T says:

    “Apple doesn’t give its customers what they want…. we will give you whatever we want and take away what we please… and you will like it !!”

  6. Naseef Mecheri says:

    Apple may remove battery in their iPad in 2020 because of 3mm thinness..

    • Paul Williams says:

      Naseef Mecheri tbh a headphone Jack isn’t needed

    • Brian Evans says:

      Apples marketing department will have a nightmare trying to sell an iPad with no battery, but does the product design team care? Nope. Not one bit

    • world wide says:

      +Paul Williams For you a headphone jack might not be needed, that might not be the same for everyone. I use the audio jack quite frequently depending where I am and what I am doing…to save the ipads battery life, for a better listening experience and to connect a musical instrument and output via external speakers or HiFi headphones.

      If they were insistent on taking away the jack they could have at least doubled down on the USBC and provided 2 connections. This is a Pro device costing upwards of $1k-2k right??

    • Naseef Mecheri says:

      +Naseef siddibapa wow.. U got same name as mine.. Awesome

    • JB says:

      Dongle sim: external power supply 2020 DLC.

  7. Joss Suwicha says:

    USB – C !!! OMGGGG

  8. Satriyo Subandhi says:

    I just cant stand it with these “Fanboy” arguing around youtube just to show their brand are better. Yall wont get any money from them, they are just company which makes great products. Yall can like your own favorite brand but why do you need to mock other pupils favorite brand…

  9. keldorn says:

    Yay for port jumping. Do you have headphones with jack? We’re gonna remove the jack. Did you JUST get headphones with lightning port? Well, fk you again, gonna remove that too! Adaptor bundle in the package? Nope! 1k$ not enough to include it. Soon apple users are going to wear a Batman utility belt full with adapters 😛

    Awesome looking tablet though. Kinda sad they didn’t go OLED and bezelless. Also, I hate that you STILL can’t set how many icons per row/column you want. Having icons so spaced is visually displeasing for me.

    • Jonathan Odude says:

      bezelless would mean theres nowhere to actually hold onto the device without obscuring the screen. i think you can set how many apps per row in settings though

    • keldorn says:

      +Jonathan Odude no, you can’t. You can’t even do a simple thing like placing an icon anywhere you want on the screen. It must be in the row of icons. Also, there are bezelless phones, how are those people holding the phone? Are we gonna get into the apple “you’re holding it wrong” thing?

    • sicarius says:

      keldorn well would you rather have super thin bezels and a seamless edge or have bezels that are literally millimeters thinner and acquire a notch on a pro device

  10. DangerVille says:

    “It now has a camera hump” The iPad Pro has had a camera hump since 2016…

  11. Preston Ferry says:

    Why did everyone except Justine go to the event?

  12. Julia I MÀŠTURBÃTE! WÀTČH VIDÉ0! says:

    💖Welcome To Less World…..💖

  13. Julia I MÀŠTURBÃTE! WÀTČH VIDÉ0! says:

    💖Am I the only person whose OCD kicked in and wanted to straighten that black square on the right behind him…?💖

  14. Subscribe Me For No Reason says:

    Mac mini is more expensive than my 2013 Mac Pro. Is it fast? 😂😅

  15. Carl CIFER says:

    Apple is the kardashians of tech world

  16. Shiny Heart says:

    Hope level increased from
    0% to 1%
    for USB C in next iphone.

  17. Yumin S says:

    But you can just add an SD card

    Uups it’s an I pad😂

  18. vauntace26 says:

    Well here I am…. With my ipad 2

  19. alexa play despacito 69 says:

    Not to hate but i wonder who still uses tablets when phones are so big now

  20. Randyy1 says:

    3-9 year olds all over the world are super excited about the new iPad!

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