2020 iPad Pro Review: It’s… A Computer?!

2020 iPad Pro Review: It’s… A Computer?!

The iPad Pro refresh is impressive. But does it answer the question?

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54 Responses

  1. Der Lucas says:

    1:46 I see 37° and am like “wtf its March” and then remember Marques is american so he grew up with Fahrenheit

  2. Tucker Prestridge says:

    These opening skits remind me of old-school Marques by himself in a dorm room. Kind of nostalgic in a way

  3. NotRicky says:

    Neighbor: “What’s a computer?”

    MKBHD.exe has stopped working

  4. Ryan Scott says:

    When you’ve run out of YouTube videos so you go to the RED Hydrogen One review

  5. Luai Ghazali says:

    9:12 “Hey Siri stop talking” lol.

  6. Evin Drews says:

    Lol, apple, ” they’ll just find out when they get them!”

  7. Wyatt Waters says:

    Marques in the previous iPad review: “Still not a computer”
    Apple: “Hold my laptop”

  8. darkprince56 says:

    8:17 can anyone tell me what that wondrous item he is using for the magnets is called?!

  9. mboutman4 says:

    Other Youtubers : “I just received the new Ipad Pro…”
    MKBHD: “..I have been using the new iPad Pro for about a week…”

  10. Some big ass dinosaur Nigga says:

    MKBHD: “so I’ve been using this iPad for about 70 years, let me tell you about it”

  11. thatredmanguy x_X says:

    “What’s a computer?”

    You’re using one.

  12. 10k subs with videos? says:

    Kid: what’s a computer

    Marques: *confused noises*

  13. Brahmjot Singh says:

    No one:

    Marques: so i have had the corona virus vaccine for about a month now…..

  14. Vlad Nazarenko says:

    I can hear Doug saying “THIS…”

  15. Asim Khan says:

    His reaction to “what’s a computer” is so gif worthy

  16. Roberto Renteria says:

    As a student, I would have preferred a telephoto camera to zoom into class lectures.

    • Don M Jr. says:

      Roberto Renteria yessir

    • fightnight14 says:

      IMO it’s easier to step back rather than to get closer to subject so yeah ultra wide lenses are overrated for me. It’s only useful for a tiny bit portion of the time I shoot photos otherwise it looks distorted and weird when you post it on social media

    • Marko Ogar says:

      100%! A wide angle lens is borderline useless for students in a classroom environment.

  17. Mr. Chair says:

    Me: Is my laptop a computer?

    MKBHD: well yes, but actually no

  18. Ari says:

    What’s a computer?
    Bro what are you talking about? *in Russell Westbrook’s voice*

  19. Mr. Chair says:

    Me: What is a computer?

    MKBHD: Error 404, not found

  20. Gazza Jack says:

    As an audio engineer I’m liking “microphones are important”. So true! 😂

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