2020 NFL Draft-A-Thon LIVE! Day 1

2020 NFL Draft-A-Thon LIVE! Day 1

Join co-hosts @richeisen and @deionsanders with special guest @kevinhart4real for this second-screen experience as we raise awareness and donations for COVID-19 relief.
Learn more at: nfl.com/relief #DraftAThon

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33 Responses

  1. Willster Ofa says:

    Where was polo g someone send me the time stamp

  2. Austin 123 says:

    SKOL!! Let’s go Vikes awesome first day!!

  3. Birch N says:

    I was fuming when I saw ninja

  4. Jerel Matthews says:

    This is so dope lol

  5. Stacy Butler says:

    2 many screens 🤦‍♀️

  6. Harshil Patel says:

    28:53 bruh 😂🤣😂 Wilson “you stole a ring from me Tom”

  7. Mr. Twelve says:

    nobody is talking much to Russell Wilson. C’mon now!

  8. Jimmy Bones says:

    DJ Khaled do TOOOOO MUCH! LMAO! 😂

  9. Brittany Vaneice says:

    this draftathon was amazing. I was in tears crying laughing the whole time. Great Job Rich, Deion and all the guests for this great cause.

  10. Jaime Garcia says:

    Respect for doing this

  11. Smurfie says:

    Everything was good til NFL network tried to cool and put ninja on, bruh dats 2018, stop

  12. Harshil Patel says:

    35:48 joe buck a real one

  13. Help me Reach 10.000 Subs!!! - Custom Play buttons says:

    We are going to wait few more months till the action starts again….

  14. luhoiud Ewfewe says:

    lmao they have to do this every year now this is comedy gold 😂 just have this on some networks time slot maybe onw of those NFL Network channels

  15. Lil Shuffle says:

    1:56:36 offset ahahahahahahahahahah

  16. King of Phoenix says:

    The Draft-a-thon was great from the jump. Rich and Prime time were great hosts and idk how they got so many great guests

  17. Yanko Stanchev says:

    imagine getting the ID and the password for that zoom conversation <3

  18. Amarant Coral says:

    Good to see Eisen and Deion doing some draft coverage. Perfect combo. Just gotta say… Deion giving it back to Kevin Hart was hilarious and Eisen is freaky intelligent. Thanks guys! Enjoyed it.

  19. Kaleb Ward says:

    “We might end up with DJ Khaled” I’m screaming

  20. Erik Arechiga says:

    Everyone left as soon as ninja joined 😂😂😂😂😂

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