2021 NBA All-Star Draft – Team LeBron vs Team Durant – Inside The NBA

2021 NBA All-Star Draft – Team LeBron vs Team Durant – Inside The NBA

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81 Responses

  1. Michael Angelo Arzaga says:

    Lebron: I pick Kevin Durant
    Kevin: no wait-
    Giannis: That’s a good pick

  2. Gabriel Luiz Dantas says:

    Lebron: I pick Giannis Antetokoumpo
    Giannis: wow that’s a greek pick

  3. Captain Hack says:

    And I don’t even have any single Jazz Player on MyTEAM.

  4. PressCAPLOCK says:

    Curry stans 🤝 LeBron stans
    I’ve been personally waiting for this team up for *YEARS*. Imagine the Passing and Spacing on this team 👀

  5. Elías Jara says:

    Giannis: i pick my african brother Lebron James
    Lebron: That was going to be my next pick

  6. Wilson Chen says:

    Giannis: With my first pick, imma go with my african brother Thanasis Antetokoumpo

    Giannis: It’s a good pick

  7. mikendley pierrelus says:

    “Jalen under appreciate brown” careful LEgm before u get fine for tampering 😂😂😅😅😂🤣🤣

  8. kylar miniwaffles says:

    I miss Giannis because he used to be a lot more friendly with lebron

  9. Korbin Kidwell says:

    Giannis: I’m gonna take my African-American brother, Kyle Korver

  10. J Kali says:

    “When the last time you got picked second kd?”
    Greg Oden: 🙄

  11. ethan san gabriel says:

    Lebron: just like in video games growin up we never play with utah

    Me: FACTS

  12. Paolo Angelo says:

    Lebron: *picks his nose*
    Giannis: That’s a good pick

  13. Reverse OFF says:

    LeBron: posts an Instagram photo
    Giannis: that’s a good pic

  14. deepak pai says:

    Amazing how everyone in comments is using Giannis’s lines from last year’s draft 😂. I miss his selection jokes 🤣

  15. Jacky C says:

    Lebron: I need some size
    “Pick cp3”

  16. AC Medina says:

    LeBron: I pick —
    Giannis: That’s a good pick.
    Shaq: I’ve seen that before.
    D-Wade: That’s a 9 for me.

  17. Mal B says:

    LeBron : I need some size
    Rudy: Its time baby
    Lebron: I’m gonna do something called a TROLL gamer move.

    • Hugo Neiva says:

      @Polpo Sama Of course he doesn’t deserve that contract and Shaq is right about that, but Rudy is one of the best PAINT defenders in the NBA, if not the best.

    • Nicholas Shikano says:

      Gobert: ._.

    • S Alofa says:

      @Hugo Neiva fym he definetly does. Paint beast, DPOY and a small market team. Why not

    • Polpo Sama says:

      @S Alofa no he doesn’t. Literally no other team would pay him that much money except the Jazz. The Jazz are a fluke

    • Hugo Neiva says:

      @S Alofa Only 2 players have a bigger contract than Gobert now: Giannis and Dame. And u telling me he deserve that?

  18. 0Sebby says:

    KD – “ I wanted Ben Simmons…. I wanted Ben……… damn “ 😂💀The damn got me dying

  19. mr unknown says:

    Lebron: I pick Bronny
    kd : wtf
    Gianis: thats a good pick

  20. GonzoDopeBeats says:

    Lebron: I choose shredded cheese
    Giannis: That’s a grate pick

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