2022, in 7 minutes

2022, in 7 minutes

Running up that hill with 8 billion people.

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In 2022, the world population crossed 8 billion people — and we felt the scale of this monumental milestone in hundreds of ways. After over two years of lockdowns and quarantines, people eagerly restarted their lives, but there were certainly growing pains. Weddings and travel skyrocketed, but so did lost luggage and global inflation rates. Taylor Swift broke Ticketmaster. Cryptocurrency was headed toward a great year until it really, really wasn’t. 2022 tested the world population as we tested out life in a new phase of the pandemic.

Russia invaded Ukraine, and aid relief flooded into the war-torn country. Refugees were welcomed into surrounding countries, and those who stayed behind inspired people around the world. Global protests cried out for justice in Iran. Football teams stood up for migrant workers and the LGBTQ+ community at the World Cup. Cuba legalized same-sex marriage. The world froze for a moment when England’s longest-reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, died. And we all watched a lot of TikTok.

As we head into 2023, take a moment to look back at the events that defined this year.

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30 Responses

  1. Vox says:

    Thank you all for another great year of Vox video! We make this end-of-year wrap every December — for a dose of nostalgia, search YouTube for “Vox in minutes” and take a look back. The first one we made was in 2014: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZnu5EXnPwI&t

  2. Blackfriar says:

    This made me cry. Not only for all the sad, horrible things that has happened in 2022. But also because of the capacity for beauty that our species has. Stay strong, whoever you are, wherever you are. Ukrainians, Iranians, Chinese, Americans, Argentinians, Haitian, all of us. All of us who have suffered loss after loss after loss, yet never giving up.

    • Virtual Australia says:


    • Youssef Beshara says:

      @TheReportOfTheDay they won the world cup 😂

    • Seven Oxia says:

      ​@Luke Greenhill well the rich people of the world have 100% been affected only in good ways, but as an Australian, my family and I haven’t been badly affected by much that’s happened this year, unless you count having to eat horrible chips due to potato shortages something that’s incredibly bad but I do not. Since I wouldn’t say I have been affected badly by really anything that happened this year, I like to donate money to charities to support those who are suffering pain I could not imagine.

    • m higgs says:

      Ya know, I try to see and consider the beauty we are capable of. We can be so good and also so evil. Actually choosing to see the beauty is one of the concepts I really loved from the show Westworld, it’s a good quote from Dolores.

    • mr Jean says:

      Most of huge human population increase contribution are coming from indonesia, their population growing soooo vastly increased even from 2020 until now

  3. Der Basti says:

    I have been watching vox for a couple years now, but i think this is their best recap i saw so far. I really appreciate that you made it less US-centered, but included more events and stories from all over the world! It really makes it feel more accessible and relatable for the non-american audience!

    • Sean Kilburn says:

      @Владимир Скай This focused on all world events that featured heavily in international news and the war in Ukraine is the most significant and devastating catastrophe of the year.

    • Sean Kilburn says:

      @Bee Whistler It’s a recap of how things were. Would you rather they ignored world events? I’m sure you’d complain about that as well.

    • Ami M says:

      Boosting this

    • Anirudh Parameswaran says:

      Everything is US centered still

    • Владимир Скай says:

      Yeah, but no. This still “US partners” centered, and not even close to a “world recap”. And while there’s for sure some natural disasters in the spotlight, Ukraine still manages to squeeze itself more then twice in the clip. Some people’s life still does matter more, then the others, and this special right is deserved by being US partner.

  4. SideNote says:

    I think this one is the best Vox’s year in review so far. Unlike previous years, this one touched all the major events of the year. Very well done!

  5. D T says:

    This was one year… wow.

  6. Anomalien says:

    It was such an emotional rollercoaster. I cried from the sheer beauty of this edit. Vox editors perfectly captured the movement of our civilization in it’s sad and happy moments.

  7. abdishire says:

    We can always count on vox for a youtube rewind.

  8. Agustín Carfora says:

    argentina campeón del mundo… qué lindo sentimiento. no dejo de llorar

  9. says:

    This year was simultaneously one of the worst years in my lifetime as well as one of the best for both my personal life and the world as a whole

  10. Kai Zhang says:

    Watching this reminds me of how so much can happen in a year. Scarily fleeting, yet also amazed at the possibilities a year can bring

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