[2022 MAMA] IVE&Kep1er&NMIXX&LE SSERAFIM&NewJeans – CHEER UP | Mnet 221129 방송

[2022 MAMA] IVE&Kep1er&NMIXX&LE SSERAFIM&NewJeans – CHEER UP | Mnet 221129 방송

티빙에서 스트리밍 : https://tving.onelink.me/xHqC/30a78d6f

‘LINNK the next generation’

World’s No.1 K-POP Awards


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25 Responses

  1. Alex_Kills says:

    So crazy to think that Twice are already legends in the industry. This was such a fun song to see these 4th gen groups perform together 🥲

  2. Follos says:

    Seeing So many comments about An Yujin and a plethora of people recognizing her Makes me so proud. She is such a talented artist and an all rounder. She deserves this and much more. Charismatic, has one of the best stage presence, breathtaking visuals, deep husky voice, decent flow when rapping and amazing dance skills. She is one of the ACE-a of the 4th gen

    • Mariah lol says:

      @bubachu super underrayed when gauel rei leeseo and liz are all less popular then her yea she is

    • bubachu says:

      So glad to see her being recognized! I feel like she’s super underrated in IVE. I remember people talked about her a lot during Eleven era but after that, she’s been so underappreciated. Love her!!

  3. Gasby Gas says:

    2:24 the voice, the visual, the dance, the stage presence yujin ate and left no crumbs

  4. Miguel says:


  5. Once In A Million says:

    2:24 so obsessed with this. Yujin fits this part perfectly

  6. V _Kook says:

    *As a ONCE, I could never be more proud for TWICE. Imagine trying to consistently give fans both the QUANTITY & QUALITY. They deserved this recognition so much.*

    • mingxuan fan says:

      @Akame SB nayeon is the smart one, she went solo when they still hot, cuz their popularity went down after the tour. The thing is when 3rd gen covered “into the new world”, it was just OK. Cuz Taeyeon, Tiffany, Jessica were all powerful vocalists. But this cover of “cheer up” is actually better than the original, which is another blow to Twice’s vocal reputation, and it will hurt their popularity even more. Look people are already praising Yujin and Liz for their vocals. They already grabbing the attention with their vocals.
      I’m just letting you guys know that this is not as much “paying tribute” as further tarnishing their vocal reputation. It’s to make an even more public impression that 4th gen vocals are better than twice. It wasn’t an innocent cover.

    • mingxuan fan says:

      @PNLPYNG that’s English? Or like internet language? It sounds like south Asian English tho, Philippines?

    • Akame SB says:

      @mingxuan fan i get your point but right now they are debuting solo, Nayeon for example with Pop, but we see if other members start going solo, acting as SNSD or Miss A(suzy) or making collabs,making more english music for example, i think Twice is going i that direction, and not even a year since they resign, we will see what they choose to do to keep up and i don’t know, other groups aren’t that active or the fanbase is more calm than before and they still relevant. I would say that could happen to other groups as well. Maybe Twice is not as sounded in Korea as before but they still sell pretty well and chart well and have a stable fanbase, i think is better for them now to stablish or diversify to showcase more their talents.

    • her’s says:

      @mingxuan fan idk what world u come from, but here, Twice is one of the biggest ggs with the BIGGEST impact. & it’s idiotic logic to say they’re retiring when obviously that’ll happen sometime in the future just like it will for every 3rd gen group, but right now? hell no. they still shining AND selling out stadiums so they not goin nowhere. worry more ab ur faves instead of hating on successful women ✌🏼

  7. 양빛나 says:

    I was shocked with Liz’s vocal tone at 1:31 that was so good

  8. squib says:

    Liz and Yujin did so well, their voices were perfect for their parts. Big slap in the face for people who doubt their skills

  9. Blink.0615 says:

    2:24 IVE An Yujin really slayed this part. Her voice and her visuals are insane!!! I keep on replaying this part.

  10. Hom Hom says:

    So proud to see my IVE girls are shining so bright❤
    Yujinahhhhh literally an ace of 4th gen the way she captured the attention among other idols🔥

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