2022 Met Gala: Live From E! Stream FULL Livestream | E! News

2022 Met Gala: Live From E! Stream FULL Livestream | E! News

Met Gala co-chairs Regina King, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and Lin-Manuel Miranda and A-list stars are paired with elite fashion designers for In America: An Anthology of Fashion theme. See the stars come together in New York City for one of fashion’s most anticipated nights. Take a look!

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2022 Met Gala: Live From E! Stream FULL Livestream | E! News


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27 Responses

  1. lostinwonderland says:

    It would be nice if they could have a theme like “sustainable fashion” maybe use a big event like this to promote sustainable living and protecting our planet. Perhaps even donate some of the profit to helping better our world. Just a crazy idea

    • Nikki 6ixx says:


    • lostinwonderland says:

      @Maru IA no I’m saying we have an excess in clothing around the world that is pretty much just going to waste or being worn once. Repurpose them. Also it’s a charity event for an already wealthy museum. Maybe it could donate part of the cost to shelters or someone in need. Maybe auctions off gowns celebs have previously worn and donate money to something that effects the everyday consumer or providing education for students interested in the field.

    • Maru IA says:

      @lostinwonderland are you saying to get rid of all the fashion business and wear plants? you are talking about a big business plan, check some tutorial and do it if you like it so much. Maybe you will became rich. Just dont do the AOC thingy, thats disgusting.

    • Shreya S.M says:

      @Mindy S ok…still can use themes

    • Mindy S says:

      You know this is a charity event, right?

  2. It's Tellie says:

    So many great looks. The camera man was shady completely ignored Nicki Minaj. So glade she posted her look on Ig

  3. Allie Kay says:

    Gwen looks good .. Kylie what were you thinking ?? Run away bride ??.. I am upset people did not take the theme as they should have Kim is iconic just cuz it is Marilyn’s dress . Khloe looked amazing ! But man people really missed what this meant

  4. N T says:

    Blake always looks lovely. Art Decco pattern!

  5. Troi Cooper says:

    I love Vanessa Hudgens,s Met Gala outfit! , ( I know that this met gala has been every girl’s dream to walk on the red carpet and I have noticed that Lin Manuel Miranda and his wife are wearing outfits.), I have one question for Lin Manuel Miranda,( How do you always write amazing songs for kids movies?), By the way I have watched your film Vivo recently and I have enjoyed slashed cry at every moment of the film.( I am Chrissy Cooper, ( I was the 14 years old girl that wrote you two fan letters about your play Hamilton and I loved your film Tick Tick Boom!.),p

  6. Briana Alexis says:

    Kris should’ve came as a queen 👸🏻

  7. nadja djenic says:

    they completely missed the theme, just like last year. there are so many independent designers who could nail it

    • Lily MacLeod says:

      I agree, the only one I saw who I think nailed the theme is billie. Her dress was very 1870 which was when they were meant to draw designs from.

  8. DustRose says:

    Blake lively looked STUNNING! she looked like Aurora.

  9. N T says:

    Maude Apatow, Chloe Kim (love the feathers), Mindy Kaling (great color),Venus Williams (beautiful necklace), Kaia Gerber’s hair, Sara Jessica Parker’s whole ensemble

  10. Rated best says:

    Katy Perry nailed it 💗💙💙💙

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