2022 MLB All-Star Game Full Game Highlights (Giancarlo Stanton, Shohei Ohtani & more show out!)

2022 MLB All-Star Game Full Game Highlights (Giancarlo Stanton, Shohei Ohtani & more show out!)

The AL wins their ninth consecutive All-Star Game at Dodger Stadium, as Giancarlo Stanton wins MVP after clobbering a game-tying two-run home run

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44 Responses

  1. PLMusic says:

    I like how every player there is confident, and has a smile on their face even after a tough outing or plate appearance. Positivity does change the game.

  2. EmmettXIV says:

    3:04 This is an all star play. That’s what the all star game is all about. The best of the best, offense and defense, best players in the game today.

  3. Proud Kiwi says:

    Pitching must be hard enough in baseball but imaging having to pitch against the best hitters from 1 to 9

    • Luis Ponce says:

      @Curtis Martin I think Gonsoline mistakes, 2 and no and 83 mph in the middle of the plate

    • My Two Scents says:

      @Curtis Martin The “shift” is ruining baseball. If you can’t go through it you must try to go over the top of it. Ted Williams (whom the shift was invented to stop) said as much back in the 1940’s; don’t alter your swing to go around it, just go over the top of it.

      I hope they outlaw the shift. You’d see more contact hitters if they did

    • Jake Rittlinger says:

      I see it the opposite – hitting must be hard enough but having to face the game’s top pitchers from inning 1 – 9 must be ridiculously hard.

    • Logan Bowers says:

      @OldSoulNewLife he hits for pop

    • OldSoulNewLife says:

      @Curtis Martin Judge the AL MVP hits for contact . He’s just so strong he gets a lot of home runs

  4. TyrannoJoris Rex says:

    Damn. Clase 1 ball shy of an immaculate closeout inning

  5. Shooting Hoops With Noah Smith says:

    That was such a fun game to watch! The back to back Stanton and Buxton homers were absolutely electric! Great show!

  6. JSK90589 says:

    5:16 Amazing camera angle that we don’t see very often, or almost at all!

  7. Ben Taylor says:

    That did not disappoint, what a special game. Loved Manoah on the mic! And go ahead Buxton!

  8. H Ansell says:

    The ONLY all-star competition worth watching. Incredible energy and positivity coupled with actual competitiveness.

  9. D wes says:

    Manoah’s a legend for hopping mg on the mic and striking out three

  10. William Henry says:

    As a National League fan, even though I’m bummed that they lost again but it was a great game to watch the American League players show off their talent especially Shohei Ohtani and Giancarlo Stanton. And as a Dodgers fan, congrats to Stanton being the All Stars MVP! 👏🏼⚾️

    • John Smith says:

      there really isn’t a “national league” anymore now that they have the universal DH, which is a joke.

    • William says:

      What you mean lost again?! It’s been nearly a decade!!! That’s a very long time bro

    • MB DG says:

      The AL this year does have more competition than the NL, so it makes sense why they won this time around.

    • mathy gaming says:

      it wasn’t the best managing for the NL taking out betts after on inning then taking out goldy after 2 innings and then only having freeman play an inging so then pete got 3 inings

    • edgar dequena says:

      watch Nat’s Vs angel this Friday Shohei gonna pitch

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