2022 Wimbledon Men’s Final Highlights: Novak Djokovic vs Nick Kyrgios | Wide World of Sports

2022 Wimbledon Men’s Final Highlights: Novak Djokovic vs Nick Kyrgios | Wide World of Sports

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21 Responses

  1. Юрий Хородов says:

    Новак в прекрасной форме, опытен, как всегда сосредоточен и надежен, ну а Ник безусловно великий художник большого тенниса! Смотреть матчи с участием этих гениев тенниса огромное удовольствие!

  2. Milovan Maric says:

    Novače , hvala ti za sve radosti koje nam pružaš , živ i zdrav nam bio dugo godina !

  3. rigi Howell says:

    Novak you are a reply from many to this world, you play for a world many don’t know exist. You are passion personified

  4. Nicholas Valli says:

    Great Nole, unbelievable achievement one more time! also notice how many times he applaudes the opponent after a great point against. World class champion

  5. Yasub Mannan says:

    What a champion! Well done Novak! A true delight to watch you keep adding these trophies to your closet!

  6. scout says:

    Novak is deeply committed to tennis and has just refined/perfected every aspect of the game. A master. He has set the bar very, very high for all of those who also feel committed to the game. I hope they appreciate what he has done.
    And a big congrats. to Nick, too. It is a joy to watch his skills.

    • D says:

      @Sunshine lollipops yea but he still has 21 slams.

    • springfield03sniper says:

      @Sunshine lollipops I watched him practice a few years ago in Cincy, and he literally hits like 50 smashes at the end of his practices. It is not a great shot, but he has put in a lot of work to improve it over the last 10 years. I remember when he was very young he would routinely put them all over the place. Now he really only misses it on clutch points sometimes.

    • Charlene Marie Coran in Memory of says:

      @Markus E waaat lol internet’s full of goofballs

    • Markus E says:

      Nikkyous let this man win. Nikkyrous didn’t want Novak to be tied with Roger but have one more than him, and wanted him one closer slam to Rafael.
      It’s what people do.
      Niikroius doesn’t care about a slam title, he cares more that Novak is closer to twenty two slams.

    • Sunshine lollipops says:

      @Ghadi Habib it’s the ultimate irony

  7. G Stevens says:

    Good, as well as it should be, Kyrgios is a brilliant player, don’t get me wrong, but he needed to be humbled. Congrats Djokovic on a stunning win.

    • Tomi Vuola says:

      @JHaz I agree! I think Nick needed this opportunity to humble, and what a better way of that than to play a Wimbledon Championship match against Djokovic! He is maturing, and we haven’t seen the last of him!

    • JHaz says:

      Honestly I actually think he already was pretty humbled. He knew going in that it was unlikely he’d win. That’s why after Djokovic won he was actually smiling. I think he was grateful to have just gotten to the final. He knew he dodged a bullet getting a free win in the semifinal against Nadal. So I don’t really think he was actually humbled at all.

  8. Guy B says:

    A great champion 🏆
    They can’t keep a great man down.
    I wonder if this one means the most to him?

  9. Anne C. says:

    Djoko is a Great Player and a man of conviction.

  10. alex sokolov says:

    Хороший матч. Всегда приятно посмотреть на работу высоко классных мастеров.

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