2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 – Putting the World on Notice | Chevrolet

2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 – Putting the World on Notice | Chevrolet

Reveals will never be the same. See the cinematic debut of the All-New 2023 Corvette Z06. A feature film that shows what it takes to create the most legendary Corvette Z06 yet. The film stars professional basketball superstar, gold medalist and avid car enthusiast, Devin Booker, and record-breaking, performance builder and driver, Emelia Hartford, along with engineers and designers who worked tirelessly to bring the technological achievement to the street.

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About the Corvette:Le Mans. Sebring. Daytona. Detroit. All conquered by the C8.R race car in its pursuit of racing glory. And now, that same technology comes to the streets with the all-new Corvette Z06. Purpose-built to dominate the track, its flat-plane V8 is capable of 670 horsepower making it the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 in production and will take you from 0 to 60 in 2.6 seconds.

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45 Responses

  1. Jack Cecil says:

    having a personal connection with the space program through my family and being an american speedshop owner….. I noticed the rocket logo. This obviously ties in with the space cowboys and their corvettes. VERY cool. I hope to own one one day.

  2. Andrew Fallon says:

    So basically, a Ferrari-like v8 is now in the Corvette. These are amazing times.

    • Vitae Essentia says:

      @K O chill bro. The Z06 is a track focused performance machine not an enthusiast car, automatic transmissions are too fast nowadays manuals are dinosaurs compared to them.

    • Kevin Payne says:

      @Vitae Essentia maybe but don’t forget about the ZR1, it’s still in the works. The zr1 might be exotic car killer.

    • Vitae Essentia says:

      @Kevin Payne the Zr1 is the 900 Hp V8 hybrid.

    • CNBW says:

      @JR C That would be hilarious

    • Troll Ster says:

      @TRIPLE DUB #0 EVOXGSR what? The c8 z06 is a lot faster than the base c8 what are you smoking my guy the c8 z06 theoretically is suppose to do the quarter mile in 10.2 secs the base c8 does 11.1 secs that’s a whole sec faster!

  3. Steve Moore says:

    Halfway through this video and all I can say is wow. GM just pushed the limits of expectations for the Z06. The emotions over this beautiful piece of art are plentiful. The convertible in Victoy Red please.

    • Vitae Essentia says:

      @Enzo Gorlami nope. ZR1 is electric assisted V8, Zora is all electric.

    • ZTE Burner says:

      Took plenty screen shots of that red convertible beauty to have as a background for my work computer. And those non blacked rims… Love them.

    • K O says:

      If no manual = then FK GM and this is garbage. Thanks for shitting on the enthusiasts GM, the ones who gave you bread when you were starving.

    • bic1498 says:

      @K O I have a C6 GS 6spd and absolutely love it. I had a 5spd Cobra replica with over 5.5bhp/ton. The control and drivetrain connection of a clutch/shift is undeniable. But then I drove a buddy’s C8. You can paddle shift similar to a manual, but you will never … ever … beat letting the computer do it for you. You can have the same control/connection in a double clutch auto you have in a manual. What you cannot have in a manual is the shorter length gearbox needed for the C8s chassis.

    • Steve Moore says:

      @K O Can you name one super car built since 08 to have a manual? All the “enthusiast” statements about how companies take the driving experience away from the driver is nonsense. High horsepower mated with a dual-clutch is the standard for supercars for quite a few years now. Embrace the change.

  4. Jake Castrillon says:

    Hearing the monster of that Naturally Aspirated V8 gave me chills to the bone. Chevy you’ve out done yourselves

    • Pop Laurentiu says:

      I think ZO6 will be a pricey & Limited but definitely it will worth every penny, specially when is capable to solve 0-60 in 2:06 & screaming like a F1.. hell yeah !

  5. Hoodieyearround says:

    Excuse the car for a minute, can we take a minute to appreciate whoever did the cinematography on this video. 🔥🔥🔥

  6. Alexander Zatusevschi says:

    people are calling this a ripoff 458, but in all honesty, with those performance numbers, this will trash a 458.


      @LWRC 💯 exactly! These cars are worth the money because of what these cars can do, like the
      sounds the 992 GT3RS makes when it reaches 9000rpms with a naturally aspirated engine
      is on another level that brings that track car for the roads to life.
      The way that AWD handles on the 992 TURBO S is to die for with grip performance out of this world 🌎
      I just wish the TURBO S had a better soundtrack from the exhaust or at least give the turbos a more robust woosh sound if the exhaust note can’t be helped
      Even though the long anticipated 992 GT3RS hasn’t been released yet but you better believe
      Porsche won’t disappoint.
      However I truly believe if what they’re saying about the new C8 Z06, then it’s a car not to be reckoned with
      and a car finally worth the money 💰, worth the investment 👌, worth the ⏲ ⏳ time and emotions
      this car will deliver to you.
      A lot of people might not like this comment but I believe CORVETTE should be it’s own brand outside of Chevrolet!

    • Rick L says:

      Not the 488 tho

    • Cat N Mr DJ says:

      @Michael Maas Sweet! I’ll look a bit harder for one and let you know. Check this: My wife and I have a YouTube channel; you can check out all my current cars especially my wife’s 2021 Jag F-Type R, it is quicker and faster than my GS. Cat N Mr DJ is the name; just click my Avatar.

    • Troll Ster says:

      458 doesn’t stand a chance this has like way more advanced technology and has 100 more hp for a bargain

    • Troll Ster says:

      @Austin Schroer 458 speciale has 592 hp this has 670 so no

  7. MrSoiSauce says:

    10:23 this is probably the most incredible thing I have ever heard: a way 2 make the car sound good on the inside with REAL sound, not fake sound. I want this on more cars

  8. James V Tullius says:

    “We have respect for our past, we’re always moving forward.”

    What a time to be alive

    • F00king LasRsights says:

      Brightest light from the darkest age of combustion engine, not to mention the bottom end of the naturally aspirated engine era.

  9. 02Z06Tom says:

    Congratulations GM, you’ve built an American made world beater. Can’t wait to see it in the flesh.

  10. Appsolutely Geek'D says:

    As a huge car enthusiast the corvette always had a special place in the sports car landscape. (Budget performance and styling) it was never my favorite but it was like the old faithful. But this is kinda wild, I’ve always respected the corvette and the heritage but I’ve never thought man I want a corvette. That has changed… Sheeeesh.

    • John Osbourn says:

      @FLAWLSS1 That car will BLOW MINDS!!!!!!🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

    • Truthsayer Q says:

      @K O

      Why exactly do you think it needs a manual box? When extracting the most from a modern supercar, you are always going to be quicker and almost certainly more precise with two pedals. In addition you do not have the same wear and tear issues that you would with a manual clutch.

      I get that it can be fun to use one, I’ll still jump at the opportunity to drive a decent 3 pedal car just to be able to heel and toe. But asking a manual box to routinely handle nearly 700 horsepower isn’t that simple, you’re looking at serious strain and pressure on all parts involved.

      They may do a manual, but I doubt it, so get yourself a 2 pedal and enjoy the experience, you’ll love it.

    • Christian Stark says:

      Couldn’t have said it better.

    • DBrr says:

      This thing looks sounds and performs crazy!

    • Trent Dvorsky says:

      Literally shut up. It is the best US produced sports car ever. Appreciate greatness

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