2023 Corvette Z06 vs 2022 Ford GT // The American Superheroes [+Drag Race]

2023 Corvette Z06 vs 2022 Ford GT // The American Superheroes [+Drag Race]

The 2022 Ford GT (US $660,845 when purchased) is so much more than a pretty face designed in a wind tunnel. It has a twin turbo V6 with 660 horsepower, lots of weight saving carbon fibre, and a rapidly-deploying suspension drop system along with an active rear wing that is as functional as it is dramatic. But how does it stack up against a 2023 Corvette C8 Z06 ($164,505 as specced in the US, $189,027 in Canada) which is but a fraction of the cost and has a high-revving naturally aspirated V8? Thomas and James put these two marvels of American engineering to the test. We hope you enjoy the episode! Thanks for watching. SUBSCRIBE!

Special thanks to Mark and Deanna for letting us feature the car that dreams are made of. Find Mark on IG: PilotMarkyGT and on YT: PilotMarky

Also thank you to Ferrari Joe, for being an all-around legend who has the power to make an already special film, extra…speciale.

And to @JordanMaron , who joined us with his 2018 Ford GT


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Editor: Karston Chong
Sound: Harrison Dickson and Karstong Chong
Magical Genius Logistics Planners: James Engelsman and Gregory DeCaire
Music from Epidemicsound.com and Artlist.io

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24 Responses

  1. Norwegian Blue says:

    I think the Dodge Viper ACR also deserves an honorable mention. Especially for the time that it was sold.

    • Danies Alex says:

      Yes it does but it is not Mid engined , these 2 cars are mid engine cars so they can be showcased here , speaking about Mid engine they could have bought a Hennessy Venom f5 if owners let others drive them

    • Peter Schancel says:

      One word.. “”Multimatic,,”” one of the top Race Car builders in the world for 2 decades,, Made In Canada..

    • Josh Reynolds says:

      @Purwanti Allan I’m sure it is. Where I’m coming from is it’s 2022 about to be 2023. So for 1 million and only 1 of a few American cars to represent America against the rest of the world. I expect double what was given from the prior 2016 model but it wasn’t. Making a car today to be compete as your top line is reactive not or active. As a car company who wants to show what they got representing America does not come out with a 3.5 l v6 🤣. Same reason nobody like the raptor truck. In the realm of hypercar and supercar the minimalistic or mediocre is not satisfactory. America one of the most powerful countries in the world shouldn’t their tech reflect?

    • Erik says:

      No one cares what you think

    • Shaun Collier says:

      I want to see an ACR and the new Z06 race on a track

  2. Tim Burrus says:

    The day you guys must have had filming this is what dreams are made of!

  3. Sam Clark says:

    “This car doesn’t go around corners, so much as it puts them in a chokehold, and taps them out.” This car is so badass I love it!

  4. Ven100 says:

    Considering the new Ford GT was a racecar first before a street car, it’s in another league. I love how it’s so long/low reminding of the GT1 Le Mans category longtail cars of the past. Still one of my favorite battles was the Ford GT vs the Porsche GT3 RSR of the 2018 24H race https://youtu.be/UBEBY35vhU4

  5. Cal Erba says:

    I want to say thank you to those owners and Chevy for the press car. You guys are living the dream. Thank you for sharing it with us. Hope you guys have a happy and safe holidays.

  6. Chris Leiter says:

    You guys have surpassed all the other big reviewers on YouTube in my opinion. Your comedy, commentary, and variety make it one of my favorite shows and I can’t wait to see your next episode!

    • Jimmy McCormick says:

      You know why the Ford cost more because they beat Ferrari and when the new gt 40 came out in 2005 it cost 150000 when they sold at Barrett-Jackson you know what they brought 450000 so the price is higher because they are iconic cars unlike your another American car ever built Ford is the first car ever built and it has proved its self Whether of a higher price than anything out there

    • Purwanti Allan says:

      @Daniel G Daniel G, i bet the Ford GT has 20bhp more than 2006 one.

    • Purwanti Allan says:

      @ELiTE [USUK] ELiTE (USUK), happy early new year 2023!

    • Purwanti Allan says:

      @Sprtan 117 Hagerty is better than Top Gear 2022.

    • Thinking Out Loud says:

      Savage geese enters the chat.

  7. Jay Tucker says:

    This is such a Top Notch Channel!! I wish I could subscribe multiple times. Keep it up in 2023 guys!!

  8. 27dmon1 says:

    I was passed a couple of months ago on the 407 in Toronto my a Ford GT and then spent 10 mins explaining to my passengers the significance of it. It is truly beautiful.

  9. Alpha Omega says:

    Ford GT is sublime, Z06 amazing as well.

  10. Jimmy007 says:

    That GT looks crazy good when it drops down in track mode.

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