2023 Investor Day

2023 Investor Day

We plan to host Tesla’s 2023 Investor Day on March 1, 2023. Our investors will be able to see our most advanced production line as well as discuss long term expansion plans, generation 3 platform, capital allocation and other subjects with our leadership team.

Learn more: https://ir.tesla.com/press-release/tesla-announces-date-2023-investor-day

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28 Responses

  1. Stephane Nouafo says:

    0:00:00 – Cool Renders
    Livestream Starts
    0:29:08 – Opening Remarks (Zach)

    Part 1: Earth and Sustainable Energy
    0:31:15 – Master Plan Part 3 (Elon and Drew)

    Part 2: Tesla’s Contribution
    0:58:08 – Vehicle Design (Franz and Lars)
    1:10:31 – Powertrain (Colin)
    1:19:17 – Electronic Architecture (Pete)
    1:27:53 – Software (David)
    1:38:20 – Full Self Driving (Ashok)
    1:48:12 – Slight Optimus Update (Elon)
    1:53:41 – Charging (Rebecca)
    2:01:51 – Supply Chain (Karn and Roshan)
    2:22:55 – Manufacturing (Tom and Drew)
    2:36:15 – Energy (Mike and Drew)

    Part 3: What This Means for Tesla
    2:49:06 – Impact (Laurie and Brandon)
    2:55:42 – Financials (Zach)

    3:20:30 – Livestream Restarts
    3:21:24 – New Gigafactory Announcement (Elon)
    3:23:38 – Q&A (Tesla Executive Team)

  2. Kaasbaas says:

    I love the grounded reality of this channel!! , Despite the financial instability all over the world, I’m so excited this the second time withdrawing $78k profits off my investment

  3. GiftedConnect says:

    Perhaps this team’s most astounding achievement is to show what highly competent human beings can achieve when working together towards a unified goal. It’s *truly staggering* and the rarest of birds. I did get tears at only one point in the presentation. That was at the slide that said “remember to do cool sh*t.” My God do we need more of that.

  4. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Watching Optimus bolt together another Optimus, I thought to myself: “isn’t that nice? He made a new friend.” 😁

  5. Hen says:

    So many great things going on behind the scenes at Tesla! Thanks for giving us a glimpse into the inner workings of the company! Excited for the future of Tesla and the world!

  6. MadHamster says:

    Yes!!! Finally a company who let their best engineers talk about their work, not just CEO excitement! I wish more companies do this!

    • MaxXxPower says:

      @Karl Alden okay, if you say so… Anyway either one of them should have run the presentation not both. Stammering or not, one guy finishing the sentence of it’s Boss feels awkward

    • MaxXxPower says:

      During the speech of Elon that guy beside him always interupts him, taking the punch line. Letting Elon not finalize on his sentences and breaks the actuall information flow. Each of them deserves an own presentation but together this is just not a fluent story telling.

    • chethan salahalli thippeswamy says:

      google does, apple does

    • Eric In SF says:

      Well, you clearly don’t watch too many corporate events. Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. etc. all bring engineers on to talk about their projects it’s pretty common. It’s also helpful for recruiting.

  7. TheOnlyName says:

    Thank you for all you do Elon and Tesla team!!

  8. Alex Torrella says:

    Amazing, owning a Model S I can say that it’s a fantastic car, fun to drive and really full of technology. Happy with Model S 2022 refresh

  9. Del H says:

    Excellent work to date, awesome presentation, very impressive, the future looks very exciting. Love my Model Y, best car/computer I have ever owned! Can’t wait to nerd out on all the information delivered today. Loading up on more shares. Thanks to the whole Tesla team ☺️👍🏼 you all rock!

  10. JJ CASIAS says:

    Great to see behind the scene of how they operate…so many aspects to this company!!

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