2023 Lotus Emira Review // We’ve Ordered One

2023 Lotus Emira Review // We’ve Ordered One

The 2023 Lotus Emira First Edition ($94,430 USD as spec’d, $120,688 CAD) is a brand new sports car with two engine choices. A torquey AMG 4 cylinder mated to a 6 speed auto, or a supercharged 3.5L V6 with a manual option. Both options come with strong horsepower numbers at 359 hp and 400 hp respectively, but the smaller 4 cylinder actually has a bit more torque. James has secretly used the company credit card to put a deposit down on a new Emira, and Thomas is learning that they will either have to take delivery, or forfeit their deposit altogether. Will the new Lotus Emira be everything they hope it will be? We hope you enjoy the episode. SUBSCRIBE!


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Editor: Karston Chong
Sound: Harrison Dickson and Karston Chong
Magical Genius Logistics Planners: James Engelsman and Gregory DeCaire
Music from Epidemicsound.com and Artlist.io

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47 Responses

  1. lTheDopeRaBBiTl says:

    james tastes in cars is immaculate , an emira , a miata and a toyota century. perfect balance

  2. BigJigglyPanda says:

    Fantastic review gentlemen, been waiting for this one. Now to see who gets their car they ordered a year ago first: me or James. 😂

  3. Blarg says:

    It’ll be well worth the wait, that thing is borderline perfect!

  4. dftns19 says:

    “Cargo space? No. Car go road.” Fantastic

    • Cal Yee says:

      Exactly what I was looking for! hahah

    • ZAWHER NOS says:

      @SummerBRZ tesla had a good motive but everything i marketing now
      It’s sad

    • ZAWHER NOS says:

      @Exotic Cars Ooo… Very informative..thanks for telling me about a battary Powered marketing strategy …
      Coal battay isn’t it? It’s coal that is used to produce battary and the electricity isn’t fully renewable is it?

      The only car that is doing good is the hydrogen powered car by toyota and why isn’t government thinking about supporting that? Oops… That’s not beneficial for black rock company’s investment is it?

      Sorry btw … I know hydrogen isn’t perfect but it’s still better than battay …. And Tesla has panel gap issues more than other companies.. you can debate all you want .

    • Exotic Cars says:

      @ZAWHER NOS Model Y and Model 3 are the best selling cars in CA. You are incredibly unaware of what Tesla is doing for the world so you will stay broke in your lifetime if you”re not invested.

    • SummerBRZ says:

      @ZAWHER NOS…they are to me as I do not agree with the top management choices…good car, good technology, tarnished associations that sour the whole deal…..

  5. Franklin L. Everett says:

    The fact that Thomas said the steering is better than any Porsche is something that needs to be recognized.

  6. Jake Vaflor says:

    If we get a “Top Gear Special” hour or two-long video from you guys, I will be over the moon. That is EXACTLY the kind of content I’ve been craving since the Grand Tour slowed down. Can’t wait to see what you guys have planned!

    • austeN smith says:

      @Ed Dale that Tav guy looks cringe AF though

    • Jake Vaflor says:

      @Ed Dale I’ll have to check it out, thanks!

    • Ed Dale says:

      I am looking forward to their special. I think James and Thomas work better. But if you have to have something like the Grand Tour, give Car Trek a try while we wait for Throttle House’s version.

    • Jake Vaflor says:

      @SummerBRZ Oh, don’t get me wrong. I don’t want them to REPLACE their current format with a longer one, but if they choose to do a “special” series with long roadtrips and stuff, I would be totally hooked.

    • SummerBRZ says:

      …nope, too long. 20 minutes or less is perfect, albiet this video was 22 minutes. TH’s formula is just fine; I’d hate it ruined w/hour long episodes that I would play at 1.5x speed

  7. Keynesian Economics says:

    What a stunning bit of kit. Lotus knocked it out of the park in my opinion.

    • EmissaryGW2 says:

      @Plot I was worried about size when looking at a miata, because that is tiiiiiiny. But it turned out to have plenty of room for me. I’m 5’11 and I even keep the seat a few inches forward for my ideal driving position.

    • Franz Kashmir says:

      @Jimmy Two Times so does it in pornvalley 😂

    • Rtf5 says:

      ​@o maybe an emira but I can’t afford one lol

    • Rtf5 says:

      ​@Jimmy Two Times I’m 6 ft 3 and couldn’t fit in my neighbors Elise. He took me on a ride. Uncomfortable lol. I want one but it’s not a realistic goal.

    • o says:

      ​@Plot The Emira is pretty comfortable actually and doesn’t feel as cramped as most people think.

  8. J G says:

    Finally, a car reviewer that knows how to shift a manual with proper rev matches.

    • AhEmGee says:

      ​@sir georgio alastratamr clueless over here. Stick to a Prius.

    • Andrii Gritsina says:

      @sir georgio alastrata in what universe?.. u high?

    • Alice Kim says:

      ​​@sir georgio alastrata I saw your comment history, and you said a Chevy Malibu will blow the BMW 7 series, Mercedes S class, and Audi S8 out of the water???

      And now you say it’s a shame for his Emira to have a manual transmission???

      What’s next? Will you say the Dodge Hornet is a better car than a Hellcat, or the WRX CVT is better than a STI, or will you say the Kia Forte GT Line will blow the Audi RS3 out of the water?????

    • EmissaryGW2 says:

      @sir georgio alastrata It’s never too late to learn manual. I bought my first MT a few years ago without actually knowing how to drive it, and although it was kinda stressful at first on hills, I am now so glad that I did it.

  9. Brian Glassey says:

    I am SO happy this car drives as good as it looks! Well done Lotus. James – great choice. I personally would have picked different colours, but otherwise you just nailed the spec. Can’t wait to hear how you feel about the sports suspension on our Ontario roads. Which tires did you go with?

  10. Porkchop Dog says:

    Wow, just wow. Not everyday I find myself with a new dream car! And that’s coming from a Porsche fanboy… The shifter action through the mesh, the throttle in the rear-view, the beautiful styling, that green 👀, the ergonomics, powerful but relatively usable. Just perfect. Props to you guys at TH too for constantly putting out the best auto reviews on YouTube! Keep it up 🙂

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