2023 NBA All-Star Western Conference Starters Revealed | NBA on TNT

2023 NBA All-Star Western Conference Starters Revealed | NBA on TNT

Shaq, Kenny, Chuck, and Adam reveal LeBron James (captain), Zion Williamson, Nikola Jokić, Luka Dončić, and Steph Curry as the 2023 NBA Western Conference All-Star starters.

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53 Responses

  1. jimmymmak says:

    Can we all just take a moment and appreciate how smooth the show runs when Ernie is there? It’s chaos without him.

  2. Tim Kaine says:

    You don’t realize how key Ernie is for this show till he’s gone

  3. Qskii says:

    “Nikola Jokic the two time defending champion” Ernie got to come back ASAP 😂😂😂

    • Dušan M says:

      It sound soo normal its the future for sure

    • David JR says:

      @Bat__ He’s not

    • Bat__ says:

      Hes a champ in europe

    • Jonathan Taylor says:

      Then he called him the defending mvp champion lol 😂

    • X-Sen Execution says:

      “My prediction for nba all-star roster 2022-2023”

      “West Starters”
      Backcourts: Doncic, Stephen Curry
      Frontcourts: Jokic, Williamson & LBJ

      “West Reserves”
      Backcourts: Morant, Lillard, Fox & SGA
      Frontcourts: Sabonis, Markannen, either Paul George or Kawhi Leonard

      “My prediction for nba all-star roster 2022-2023”

      “East Starters”
      Backcourts: Mitchell, Irving
      Frontcourts: Giannis, Tatum & Durant

      “East Reserves”
      Backcourts: Jaylen Brown, Harden, Jrue Holiday, either Haliburton or Trae Young

      Frontcourts: Embiid, Randle, either Siakam or Derozan(if Derozan is possible on frontcourt, I will include him & not Siakam)

  4. matthew steele says:

    Before any of these fellas pass away I wanna give them their flowers….It has been an honor and definitely a privilege watching and laughing with these gentlemen over the years… there’s no other show like this…thanks TNT, but mostly thanks Shaq,Chuck,Ernie and Kenny for all these memories and it’s a blessing u guys are able to still make them…thanks fellas

  5. Thebé Kgo says:

    Maaaan, I miss Ernie, but I understand the man needs to grieve. Come back soon, Ernie!! We miss you.

  6. Ramuel Cruzada says:

    “He’s 96 years old”. Goodness Chuck

  7. Dr. Slasher says:

    I loved the fact that Chuck even mentioned Dwight Howard and Tracy McGrady, 2 of many players that don’t get discussed enough nowadays

    • Stefan Papdi says:

      @G N He was deff in the 20s for all his prime years one time it was 24ppg no?

    • G N says:

      @Stefan Papdi  Oh sorry you said 23 for 4 years in a row. My bad, you’re even more wrong lol.

    • G N says:

      @Stefan Papdi  Who said “no skills”. I said one dimensional and too predicated on athleticism. And his game was, he got his buckets off raw strength and athleticism. He had no real shooting ability, underwhelming post game, underwhelming footwork, and when he got injured and lost his physical advantages, he fell to earth as a result. And no, I love me some Prime Dwight, but he never averaged 23 pts 3 times in a row, he averaged 23 once in his career in 2010-2011. He never even averaged 20 pts 3 years in a row because he average 18.3 pts in 2009-2010.

    • Stefan Papdi says:

      @G N He averaged 23 for 4 years in a row with “no skills” and it was a slow pace, to say he was only good on D is blasphemy he was a point center for those teams too

    • Stefan Papdi says:

      @Kahmari Green People act like he wasnt goating for 3-4 years. The argument was he doesnt have skill and thats why ppl didnt view him as the best but thats not valid criticism to negate what he was doing every day on both ends plus rebounding. He was ben wallace but also averaging 23 ppg in a slow pace so he would be more like 30ppg on adjusted pace. Also he locked my neighbour Jokic up in that la denver series 2 years ago. sure he fouled a lot but jokic fouled a lot too and really thats just all dwights impact

  8. Taz Ahsan says:

    Missing Ernie, sending love and energy to him and the family ❤🙏

  9. CJGospel says:

    Wooow. They treated him like a substitute teacher. They pulled one over him. 😂 Gotta love the guys.

  10. m mirreh says:

    Chuck: Nikola Jokić the two time defending NBA champion the joker !
    Shaq: What ? the what ???
    🤣🤣🤣 I swear Shaq will never miss an opportunity to prove Charles wrong.

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