2023 Winter Classic | Penguins @ Bruins 1/2 | NHL Highlights 2023

2023 Winter Classic | Penguins @ Bruins 1/2 | NHL Highlights 2023

Extended highlights of the 2023 Winter Classic between the Pittsburgh Penguins at the Boston Bruins

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25 Responses

  1. Michael Sicard says:

    What an amazing game. A difference a year can make for anybody. Jake Debrusk just last year was asking out of Boston and it looked as if his time with the spooked B was up. Today he not only won the game for the bruins but he proved what it means to be a Boston bruin. Glad he’s able to wear the spooked B

  2. Kryten428 says:

    I love Ullmark’s delayed reaction at the end. He stands there thinking he gave up a goal, looks over at the ref waving off the goal, then raised his arms in celebration.

  3. Roman reigns fan #1 says:

    Incredible game. Jake debursk played phenomenal. Jake debursk came clutch. Go bruins! One more from 30 wins

  4. * RED RANGER * says:

    Was at the game what an experience finally checking off a winter classic off my list, so much fun and best experience I’ve had as a hockey fan going to NHL games.

  5. Tyler Polcawich says:

    Pens fan here, what a great game and a beautiful day for some outdoor hockey. Always get hyped when we are in these. Happy it was a close game!

  6. The Shanghai-Kid & The Big Whiskey Gang says:

    Ullmark is rocking Andy Moog’s mask!…awesome!

  7. Kevin Sousa says:

    Jake Debrusk tying it sent the crowd into a frenzy! Never seen a crowd celebrate a goal that wildly before!

  8. dankvwguy says:

    Hell of a game! first winter classic i was able to attend and it was amazing!!!! especially with the comeback win. GO BRUINS!!!!!

  9. Hailstorm14 says:

    Great game for both teams, too bad we had to give up the lead, I love DeSmith but I really wish Jarry was in

    • Hailstorm14 says:

      @G B Fair enough, all around the NHL there have been so many comebacks in so many ways, the only thing that beats it is how many teams have been stuck in slumps for periods of times

    • G B says:

      Don’t feel bad, Bruins have come back so many times this season that it is mundane.

  10. George Fitness says:

    Taylor Hall is an amazing skater!

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