21 Most Annoying Pokémon to Evolve

21 Most Annoying Pokémon to Evolve

The 21 Pokemon I think are the most annoying Pokémon to evolve
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36 Responses

  1. MandJTV says:

    This is the first of several videos I made years ago that I felt deserved an update (since two generations have started since the last one). If there are other older videos of mine you’d like to see get an update, comment them!

  2. Hunter Mengel says:

    The ursaluna can be done a tad easier if you go into your bag/menu and see if its able to evolve with the item-sometimes the moon is obstructed when its full and you cant tell anyway. It is still a pain tho. I played the game twice and I am pretty sure I got my PB the night after a full moon and had to wait the full cycle both times

  3. dhivany rf says:

    i played shield and the game doesn’t have a leek but there is a way to get sir fetch’d in shield. you can teach galarian Farfetch’d focus energy to increase the rate of critical hits, then find a trainer or wild Pokemon and use focus energy right away, then use the moves. It was very quick for me

  4. Incine Akechi says:

    When playing Go I actually found melmetal to be one of the easier Pokémon in it to evolve because being able to force spawns of meltan no matter where you are is just so powerful

    • Lars Pelgröm says:

      @Autism And Gaming they added him by opening gifts, and with 18 variants it means all from different countries corresponding to the variant. In the beginning you only need to open three gifts from say Germany and you’ll get the continental scatterbug. But after that you need to open 15 to get the next encounter.

      And you can usually only open 20 gifts a day….. so good luck farming candy

    • Autism And Gaming says:

      What happened to Scatterbug?

    • GamingPython07 says:

      @Lars Pelgröm rip scatterbug

    • Lars Pelgröm says:

      this, by far one of the easier pokemon to candy farm. not unlike scatterbug right now…….

  5. BoldUlysses says:

    A great way to make at least part of the dusk-form Lycanroc process easier is to lead with a Kirlia/Gardevoir that can trace the Rockruff’s ability immediately at the beginning of battle. That way you can run if it doesn’t have Own Tempo and don’t have to leave a trail of fainted/captured Rockruffs in your wake.

    • Justic says:

      @Sadistic Insomnia Actually, from what I’ve heard, Own Tempo is its own kind of ability, a “Special Ability” (Rockruffs Hidden Ability is Steadfast, which it had in SM already, while Own Tempo was of course only something it got for the event in USUM, but they didn’t change Steadfast for that), and regular Rockruff in the wild DO have a chance to spawn with it, at least in SV.

      I mean, it wouldn’t really make sense for all Hidden Ability Rockruffs to only be able to evolve into Dusk-form starting with USUM, that’d make Night and Day-forms with Hidden Ability unavailable.

    • Sadistic Insomnia says:

      Sadly enough, Own Tempo is the hidden ability for Rockruff… Causing it to either need a fixed spawn (the psychic tera Rockruff in SV is one) or a special grind in USUM.

      Hidden abilities don’t naturally spawn ;-;

  6. XIII says:

    So, Farfetch can learn night slash through breeding and a level 1 Farfetch with night slash going up against a ghost type while holding a leek can do this task easily and greatly shortens the time this takes.

  7. Quaid Reynolds says:

    Just wanted to point out for farfetch’d, air cutter is a high crit chance move that it learns at 25. So give it a leek and air cutter is a guaranteed crit

  8. DorkenSpache says:

    A little fun fact: Stantler AND Hisuian Qwilfish do evolve the same way as Primeape in SV. The thing is you can’t get a Stantler with Psyshield Bash without transferring it in from Legends Arceus (same with Hisuian Qwilfish)

  9. Megabobkiller Dean says:

    The most annoying for me was the bisharp evolution because it took so long just to get leader bisharp to spawn. It took so long I found a shiny falinks before being able to evolve it.

  10. Shai Dreamcast says:

    For Ursaluna, you can also just go to your bag each night and see if the Peat Rock is compatible with Ursaring or not

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