21 Savage Detained By ICE, Blueface Arrested On Felony Charges

21 Savage Detained By ICE, Blueface Arrested On Felony Charges

21 Savage arrested in Atlanta (00:11)
Demi Lovato comments on 21 Savage memes (02:47)
Adam Levine Super Bowl Halftime Show (04:17)
Cee Lo Green supports Big Boi (08:00)

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21 Savage Detained By ICE, Blueface Arrested On Felony Charges

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101 Responses

  1. Paul S says:

    ICE is like a bad kid, needs discipline.

  2. Gooey says:

    Sir Savage, The Twenty First

  3. Mr Not That Famous says:

    they were just looking for anyway to take down 21, there is no way after all that traveling no one brought this up

  4. Just _ Noah says:

    Kinda weird that when 21 dropped extended version of a lot calling out border patrol he gets deported soon after

    • Lilpeep Wastrash says:

      I highly doubt this is reason lol. He spoke common knowledge

    • Just _ Noah says:

      Lilpeep Wastrash I think so. I think ICE n the higher ups that benefit and control ICE were knew a long time ago that 21 was illegal. I think his disrespect of the institution upset them.

    • Cookie Love says:

      Law of Attraction ??? be careful what you call into your life… 2pac & XXX acknowledged that angel of death & sang it into exsistence ? Learn quick negativity is like Freddy Kruger.

    • Cookie Love says:

      +lifestraight being courage without being wise causes more harm… its like me stealing bread but tweeting how nasty it taste

    • marco demena says:


  5. Sicko Mode or Mo Bamba says:

    What if 6ix9ine snitched on 21 Savage to get less jail time?

  6. Ron Harrison says:

    Charlamagne is he here legally Yee got quiet ???

  7. Cliff Davis says:

    Expired in O5. Well blame his parents for not renewing the paper work.

    • Cliff Davis says:

      +MrShitfire he got shot and when your a victim of a crime your status changes which is why he had applied for a special type of visa but they said it was pending. The question is why and why so long of a wait. Which is why his people is calling BS on this cuz they are really tryna to deport his azz. But I only said blame his parents/guardians because he was 12 or 13 when it expired. He know makes enough money to support his family so this is a big issue for them.

    • ETA UNKNOWN says:

      +ze ez I feel for that I really do, my girl is the exact same story. She came here when she was 3 and has to re do everything every 2 yrs and stays worried she’s about to get deported. But in my experience if you don’t dodge it and just go get it done they leave you alone. America is literally all she knows and really only seen pictures of where she’s from snd iv got to constantly reassure her that ice ain’t sneaking up her fucking driveway. It was sad man, we were together for a minute before she even told me thinking I wouldn’t want nothing to do with her because of her immigration status. Goes to show that just because you’re a white guy from the south don’t mean you automatically don’t like immigrants. Shit, on the contrary, I wouldn’t trade my brown sugar and honey pie for a 100 American girls to be honest. She’s American enough for me and 100 times nicer to me than any American girl iv ever known just shy of my mom lol. Having said that tho, this dude was 12 so he’s literally faked everything from his accent to his place of birth so I feel straight lied to by this guy. Soon as his wallet was right and you know it was, he should have got a lawyer and got right. He would have been a bigger star for doing it instead of trying to fake it till he made it then keep faking it.

    • ᒎᴀʜᑕᴏɪɴ - invest quick! says:

      +Tiino His parents probably never let him knew when the shit was going to expire

    • marco demena says:

      ARE YOU DUMB? (Rent Ma Voice) HE ARRIVED IN 05’?

    • 2005deluxe says:

      London calling

  8. T0YMEETSW0RLD says:

    Damn Angela Lee spilling beans about 21’s dad

    • TCT says:

      +Pesci Kai that’s not the point, he acts like he understands it and he doesn’t. He comes of fake woke, and fake pro-black but doesn’t even understand it he livee in a rural town.. be honest: if a white boy was rapping like Cole knowing he’s not from the inner city he would never make it or be labeled as a culture vulture. Cole does it and somehow it’s cool though. Just an observation, nobody said gangbanging was cool, you make an argument no ones disputing. Gangbanging is corny, what’s even more corny is when you act like you’ve been around it to sell records.

    • Pat Jenkins says:

      +Gone ok so lets deport his ass then. US needs less stickup boys

    • Pat Jenkins says:

      +MrVashsword j.cole doesnt claim that he is a savage

    • Dawn Duchess says:

      They stay in everybody business

    • K Edmond says:

      +TCT cole from fayetteville nc. Fayetteville def aint no rural town lol.. fayetteville is one of the most dangerous cities in nc, im from nc, i know.. cole def been around the shit, but didnt get fully involved in the shit lol.. gkmc. Cole never claimed to be a street nigga, aint shit fraud bout that nigga.

  9. Michael Miller says:

    Anybody check Drake’s visa?

    • Michelle Williams says:

      drake dad is America so drake is on American citizens

    • Laquasha Belle says:

      +Nick Papsi Lam yes we can lol. I was born in america and I am also a legal citizen of the country where my parents were born

    • Laquasha Belle says:

      +*MamaSaid Stfu* when people say America they refer to the US. When they say north America they refer to the whole continent . It’s not taking away from the fact that Canada is in North America

    • *MamaSaid Stfu* says:

      Laquasha Belle States is the States….Mexicans are Americans as well as Canadians. Ppl from Central America and South America. I kno exactly wtf y’all mean when y’all say American but that’s that white ppl bullshit. What u mean ain’t right and really sounds stupid.

      -Bruce Bruce

    • *MamaSaid Stfu* says:

      Tyreck Twenty7 u gotta relax on tha profile pic Lil Jon E Bravo ???? Tyreck Sixty9

  10. Starpool Videos says:

    Popo and Ice watch the breakfast club. Each guest gets in trouble right after they spills secrets lol.

  11. Miss Sequence Sparkle says:

    So if he was 12 …. his parents never renewed his Visa in that 1 year. I wonder if he really new. He wasn’t making moves like an illegal immigrant.

  12. James Harris says:

    Because 21 savage has been an angel his whole life. Charla is so stupid

  13. Jordan Scott says:

    As mainstream is 21 savage is his visa expired in 2006 why they just know doing sum ????

  14. RatchetCoon says:

    “21 why yo crumpets so hard?”

  15. Blossom Paul says:

    Dominica and the Dominican Republic are two totally different islands

  16. anthony cheesman says:

    This is like a Dave chapelle show skit lol

  17. AK says:

    Can’t believe 21 Savage is one of ours, big up UK ??

    • Bryan WithaY says:

      +Allusion How does that make sense? Dominica has been independent since 1978 as you said, people born in Dominica are not Citizens of the UK.

    • Allusion says:

      Bryan WithaY they are if their parent was born in the UK, after 1978 only certain ppl from Dominica can become a uk citizen. Residents and those born in Dominca have several ways in which to claim British Nationality.

      1. A British or UK-born mother or father
      Not having gained nationality of Dominca on Independence.

      2. A grandparent born in the UK

      3. A parent or grandparent born outside of Dominica.

      4. A parent or grandparent holding a nationality other than Dominica

      21 father was born in the Uk & is currently living their as we speak, he is a famous Doctor in the uk.

    • Kendrick Llama says:

      +Nokia ec11 keep 21 savage and we’ll stay to our lyrical roots.

    • Alfred Saxon says:

      21 Savage born in England so was Slick Rick.

    • Jack Parker says:

      +XXXDerekXXX Vibez he’s born in Newham East London mate, Google his birth certificate.

  18. MEET Magazine says:

    Angela Yee is so underrated. Shout out to my baby mama AKA #RadioBAE #DJBAE

  19. Anonymous Fashion says:

    His dad is a Dr??!! This is the biggest finesse I have EVER!!!!!

    • Ali Best says:

      +Elftzar exactly, shit the black eye peas don’t have to perpetuate the thug image to make sales. I wish 21 the best but acting hood when you privileged is insulting. Maybe his life just sounds good on paper, idk. It just feels like another form of culture misappropriation.

    • MissT says:

      his dad a damn fool for not handling his visa..21 was just a child when he came here..trifflin ass parents i guess

    • Gabe anthony says:

      +Gone he be in pictures with him like it’s his pops

    • Gabe anthony says:

      +Mike that’s what I’m saying. He talks about being 100. I’m real. He obviously is not proud of his back ground. He fudges it a bit on these kids. What is he gonna rap about now, being hard in Atlanta some more. This dude was hot for a minute now he is just going to rest

    • Questchaun says:

      How many lies I got.


  20. Marcus says:

    Are we ignoring the fact that Angela just spilled the tea on 21 dad being a whole ass doctor

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