21 Steps to Making an Oscar Movie

21 Steps to Making an Oscar Movie

There’s more to it than being white.

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19 Responses

  1. Sam B says:

    Amazing movie, cried as well.

  2. BigNick66 says:

    It just has to have some sort of military angle or “based on a true story”
    in the trailer to get nominated 

  3. king29691 says:


  4. General Zod says:

    21 of many reasons why the oscars are bullshit.

  5. Christopher Benson says:

    This is a tired joke I know, but don’t be DiCaprio or M.Bay.

  6. darkwoodmovies says:

    lmao this is spot on

  7. alphaghoul says:

    It would be ironic if they gave this video an award. 

  8. Archimo says:

    I think CollegeHumor just figured out the recipe for prize winning movies.

  9. Aiden Espada says:

    damn ch is back!!!

  10. MohaAlraed says:

    Or just make a movie on The Holocaust 

  11. Electivire BFF says:


  12. Winklett Contempter says:

    Wow. Actually found that fucking funny. 

  13. Daniel Beauchamps says:

    “It was December 1920. I was a racist. A gay racist.”

  14. TheACRAZEDMONKEY says:

    Seems legit

  15. Sonatina Haze says:



    absolutely no fvcken Oscars

  16. Stefan Marchhart says:

    Id watch it.

  17. HiIam Bob says:

    Show “Jew” suffering…or holocaust. That would do. 

  18. BenMJay says:

    I just scatched my butt and smelled my fingers. 

  19. Mcdorr72 says:

    Give this man an Oscar.