21st Century Humans

21st Century Humans

New book: https://tinyurl.com/hf928gk
(Please be aware you may need to change the URL ending based on your country. Also, apologies – the Look Inside feature is being strange. I blame Belgium.)

I also make horrendous music ► https://soundcloud.com/exurbia-1
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Full credit to https://www.videvo.net for the stock footage.

Music used:

Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker Act II No. 15 Valse finale et Apothéose – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRGELERk1Q4

Strauss: The Blue Danube Waltz – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CTYymbbEL4

I suspect instead that we’ll be remembered for hoodies, twerking, and the Higgs boson. And selfies. So that’s a fine legacy.

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20 Responses

  1. GOD OF BEANZ says:

    love your videos

  2. Tychohuybers says:

    That feeling when exurb1a uploads


  3. SteelRazorBlade // AdamSRB says:

    *When an exurb1a notification pops up, so does my dong.*

  4. Null Maton says:

    Praise Turing!

  5. Gimme Apen says:

    never thought I’ll had a boner this early.

  6. Aidan Oback says:

    “The prince of milk”? I wonder what the heck that’s about

  7. k z says:

    Trump is orange,
    Harambe was black,
    Cash me outside,
    How bout dah?

  8. The Division says:

    Crying Teens that call you a racist and rapist for not having the exact same atom structure as them

    People being scared of technology

    Clintons that just won’t fuck off

    Black people blaming whites for the extinction of Dinosaurs

    Flat Earth

    Fuck i hate the human species

  9. Fruty Nator says:

    You forgot to mention the rise of the Meme culture and it’s correlation to increased number of virgin men across the developed countries.

  10. Bryce Newman says:

    I’m gonna be pissed if we don’t get a history of baking next week…

  11. Roflpwntnoob says:

    Will you narrate your book? I’d buy the shit out of that audiobook.

  12. Iain Sutherland says:

    he should voice the audio book

  13. SuicideBunny6 says:


  14. El Spooky says:

    Obviously Han shot first…

  15. Aaron Teitelbaum says:

    Han Shot First Party. Every other party is wrong

  16. Zeppelin Conquistador says:

    global warming isn’t real because the atmosphere is a myth

  17. NestorV S says:

    I love when exurb1a makes me feel like an insignificant piece of shit. 🙂

  18. Flazir says:

    The authors name is just “Exurbia”, is that your actual name??

  19. VVCC SOLLY says:

    Do you play TF2?

  20. Rcham says:

    Are we talking about the history of human baking or history of baking humans? If it’s the latter, I have a fantastic brony recipe for you.

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