23 Thanksgiving Food Facts – mental_floss List Show (Ep. 232)

A weekly show where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This week, John looks at some interesting facts behind the food we’re eating for Thanksgiving.

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20 Responses

  1. RealSpaceModels says:

    Definition of Eternity: Two people and a turkey.

  2. MeleeTiger says:

    “… That was BUTTON hole right?” XD

  3. Abbie Wells says:

    Corn, putting Iowa on the map since who knows how long. 

  4. I know write says:

    Question: What colour are mirrors?

  5. underdawg47 says:

    I doubt that Carol Brady made pies, let alone made any meals or clean the
    house. I thought Alice was the cook and house keeper. I am not sure that
    Carol Brady did any actual work.

  6. rukbat3 says:

    I live in the American South, and I was taught that stuffing and dressing
    are different because stuffing is actually cooked inside the bird, while
    dressing is not. We usually have both at my house since my mom makes
    cornbread stuffing, and it won’t all fit inside the turkey.

  7. Sasukio10 says:

    Why are birds able to perch on telephone lines with out any problems but we
    burn up if we do

  8. Allison L says:

    Zombie apocalypse novella about corn: I see what you did there, John Green.

  9. 112233jjooee says:

    Mr. Green:
    I hope this message finds you well. I have reviewed your canon of work and
    will now submit, to you, my critique. You did a terrible thing writing that
    maudlin, anti-theistic piece of emotion porn that was made into a movie,
    which every girl between 10 and 18 in the US circle jerked over for several
    months this year. Not only did it create unrealistic expectations of
    relationships, it was completely unfounded in reality. You are the Michael
    Bay of fiction, instead of explosions you use emotions to hypnotize the
    feeble minds of american teenyboppers. Yes I am talking about the fault in
    our stars. You have be come the “literary worlds” justin bieber, in that
    everyone hates you, please stop and do something else with your life. Okay?

  10. MihXIII says:

    3:18 or like uhm… Intrstllr :D

  11. angry pandas says:

    Thanks for spoiling homeland. I’m still on season 2 -_-

  12. jenna lee says:

    Where do I get a Rosie the Riveter Mental Floss poster?

  13. Erin Oleszczak says:

    I like John the best

  14. Jari Komppa says:

    So many american grocery products include corn because you seem to put high
    fructose corn syrup into everything.

  15. Amadeus Cho says:

    Personal attempts to carve a Turdicken resulted in a sort of, sloppy meat
    pile. Portioning it out, we all had sloppy meat piles that night. 

  16. Amadeus Cho says:

    Turducken* not sure why it wrote Turdicken… Darn autocorrect. 

  17. Rettequetette says:

    Yeah, you should totally write that Zombies Of The Corn-novel!

  18. Nighthawk says:


  19. Midnight Odyssey says:

    I kind of wish Turkey was more readily available where I live. It is
    delicious but often very dry no matter how it is prepared. Here come the
    turkey tippers. 

  20. philip james says:

    You Americans are so insensitive!

    And i’m not saying that to disrespect you’r guy’s awesome tradition of
    eating turkey a whole month before Christmas to celebrate your ancestors
    managing to get from my country to yours without dying…. and something
    about killing Indians? But we’ll skip over that part.

    No, It’s just that every year you guys do the same thing, Talk about Turkey
    on the internet, posting pictures of mouthwatering roast dinners that every
    other internet user wants to have, but we can’t! Because we only have 1
    turkey day, that that’s not for another month! And It’s not like we can go
    out and buy a turkey at this time of year, because if we did we’d have to
    eat the whole thing buy ourselves (and i know this seems appealing, but
    it’s just not feasible) because it’s socially unacceptable for you to eat
    roast turkey this close to Christmas without it actually being Christmas.

    So please, all i’m asking is for a little consideration while you eat and
    watch people play a game that shouldn’t be called football because you
    carry it with your HANDS most of the game unlike in actual football where
    there is a penalty if you do this. Just think about all the other people
    around the world that you’re torchering because they can’t have their
    beloved turkey for another month.