23 Ways You Could Be Killed If You Are Black in America

23 Ways You Could Be Killed If You Are Black in America

Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, Pink, Bono, and others explain why it’s time to take action to heal the long history of systemic racism in America. #23Ways

In collaboration with Alicia Key and the We Are Here Movement, with original reporting from Mic’s Jamilah King. Go to WeAreHereMovement.com to find out more.

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20 Responses

  1. firewater1083 says:

    A police officer is 19 times more likely to be killed by a black person
    than vice versa. Seems like police value black lives more than blacks value
    police lives. Some may say blacks have legitimate grievances against
    police, according to that logic, don’t police have legitimate grievances
    against blacks? 

  2. WoodsGold says:

    Black lives matter is a terror group!! How is this not seen as it is, black
    lives matter has put fear into children. This needs to stop…

  3. Champagne Papi says:

    So sick of hearing “Well if blacklivesmatter why do black people kill other
    black people?”. I guess white people don’t kill other white people

  4. Levi Goldblatt says:

    I exonerate you, my black brethren, of all responsibility. No need to
    improve upon oneself, I, Whitey, am the source of all your problems.
    Sincerely, Tim Jewwise. Now give me all your shekels, I must live in an
    all-White gated community to spread the anti-White gospel.

  5. Ella Thomsen says:

    this needs to stop

  6. cullen riley says:

    Only thing I got out of this is that black
    People still are victims and Rihanna is still super hot. Also if there was
    systemic racism in the United States still, we wouldn’t have a black
    president. That in itself proves the system isn’t racist.

  7. Trent Dowdell says:

    Sandra bland killed herself? So are you saying she killed herself because
    she is black…..

  8. Johanna Zevenbergen says:

    This is a garbage video, with no merit.

  9. Alec Stall says:

    Holding a fake gun?

    Ummmmmmm of course he would be shot

  10. Tactical2Practical says:

    Instead of highlighting and fixing the cultural/economical problems black
    communities/people face, you instead upload a racist video like this and
    only create more hate towards black people. You disgust me.

  11. Spencer Scott says:

    These fake gun crap is your own fault.

  12. Vanna Rises says:

    You should disable the comments so these uncultured swines can keep their
    mindless bullshit to themselves!

  13. BigBo 151 says:

    More whites are killed by cops than blacks you retards get your facts
    straight before making a stupid video that only tells a very small part of
    the story. ??????????????

  14. Tyler S says:

    Hey guess what guys, more whites are killed by police then blacks so can we
    stop with this race bullshit please? K thanks

  15. Carson Luckey says:

    This has to be the most dishonest video on YouTube

  16. SuperBlam says:

    What was the point in making this lmao

  17. Bellissimma says:

    How shocking… racists trolling on a post that is asking for systemic
    racism to stop.

  18. Friendly Neighborhood Asshole says:

    But it’s 100 percent okay if any of these things happen to any other race
    except blacks!

  19. Andrew Spires says:

    Alton Sterling was a registered sex offender, illegally carying a firearm,
    an active gang member, has gone to prison multiple times, had been tazered
    twice, and still resisted arrest. HE IS NOT INNOCENT NO MATTER HOW YOU

  20. SevenFold says:

    White, Mexican, and Asian people can be killed for the same reason -_-