$230 Turbo vs $2300 Turbo

$230 Turbo vs $2300 Turbo

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33 Responses

  1. Ian Sanger says:

    This series has quickly become a season of money pit

    • mopadrider says:

      I like that this time they took a car wichs is known to have not a great engine and yeah it shows one motor swap after the other a new hi car i mean man that sucks bud also its kind of realstic when u go tinkering to make a second gand car faster

    • Señor Dós says:

      @Dr Shocking12 thats the whole point lmao

    • Jordan Latta says:

      Haha totally agree. If they had filmed this more recently, they could have taken the advice of subscribers on like the first few episodes to get a better oil pan. Lots of people were commenting that the stock WRX oil pan allows oil to stray from the pickup tube under hard cornering like track days, which can be solved with better baffling and more capacity like the Killer B pan. Probably would have saved them a few engines by preventing oil starvation that results in worn/spun bearings.

    • Dr Shocking12 says:

      somehow Hi car is the money pit and not low car 😀

    • Te,legram_Me👉†①⑦②⑦④⑧⑨④⑥⑧③ 👈 says:

      Let’s talk (Very important)🎉

  2. Erick Soler says:

    Dude I can’t imagine the frustration all of you went through just to not give up on the series. I appreciate it a ton and will buy a couple shirts just cause you earned my respect 100%

  3. noobiii says:

    despite 7 or 8 engines being ruined they’re still trying to keep this series going, that’s dedication right there

  4. Chayce Drives says:

    I have such an extreme respect for the entire donut media team, even the ones who edit everything to make it all happen, this has been an the best advertisement to not buy a Hawkeye wrx I’ve ever seen, and all of you at donut are just the most motivated people I’ve ever seen to keep bringing people good quality real content.

  5. Jo says:

    I have no idea what the financials of Donut Media look like but I get so scared every time they have to replace an engine or anything like that. I really love this series and I hope it stays financially viable for the foreseeable future!

  6. Angel Moreno says:

    For next weeks video our transmission fails, tune in to find out if a new transmission is better than a rebuilt one!

  7. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Thank you for continuing to push through. You all made good work from difficult situations all through-out this series.

  8. Flame Beats says:

    I love how they’ve been doing the sponsor while the episode keeps going. Nice trick to get us to watch it!

  9. Kylie & Kyle Hodge says:

    Shout out to Nolan, whos noticeably learned and changed a ton since the start of these series. Props to you man.

  10. makky kiel says:

    As a owner of one of these myself this series has made me feel so much better knowing this happens to everyone

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