24/7 Champion R-Truth is chased into the night: SmackDown LIVE, May 21, 2019

24/7 Champion R-Truth is chased into the night: SmackDown LIVE, May 21, 2019

R-Truth is chased out of the arena, and with no other options, he runs off into the night with his 24/7 Title.


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40 Responses

  1. Shah Hannan says:

    This is interesting and a great joke at the same time ?

  2. Mizfitforlife says:

    At first I was skeptical of the 24/7 championship but if they keep segments like these I won’t mind them being on the show.

  3. B L U E E S T says:

    Truth made this championship more entertaining than Crown Jewel.

  4. Nelson Cardoso says:

    Bruh.. R Truth is the longest 24/7 champ ever!! ??
    Someone will creep in Truth bedroom with a ref while he’s sleeping, and have a match in he’s asleep ??

  5. AJ2000 says:

    Former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal fails to win the 24/7 Championship……..

  6. Nala Ralls says:

    Let Truth Hold That Title For A Little While Longer. It’s So Entertaining??

  7. JRA Tu Amigo says:

    Seriously R-Truth hiding in the women’s locker room.

  8. MegaGamez52 says:

    Paul Heyman: I introduce your longest, raining, undesputed, 24/7 champion Rrrrrrrrrrrr- Truuuuuuuuuuth.

  9. Channel Kev says:

    Mark my words, Truth gonna make that belt mean something like Crash Holly did for the Hardcore title. These are pure gold.

  10. Patrick Tan says:

    Somebody edit this Video
    With Benny Hill Theme Song!

  11. CommanderGamer333 says:

    At first I thought this 24/7 title idea wasn’t going to be a good idea, but it’s starting to grow on me a bit

  12. Jahongir Abdurafikov says:

    So R-truth is the first to successfully defend he’s “European championship title” ?

  13. Eduardo Pech says:

    The only reason im still into wwe is because of bray wyatt’s firefly fun house. And R-truths 24/7 championship run ? only things keeping me interested

  14. Broccoli Lasagne says:

    I expect that one of Jinder Mahals helpers come from there hiding spot and become 24/7 champ!

  15. Heryla Club says:

    Not gonna lie,the 24/7 belt is the only reason I’m checking in WWE atm. I’m curious to see when Truth loses it etc

  16. Miranda Summerset says:

    This is hysterical
    Thank u RTruth ????

  17. The Caffeine Demon says:

    Mick foley did something right when he gave the 24/7 championship to us

  18. ChrisGee1371 says:

    So is R.Truth basically Crash Holly now?

    And the B Team the Headbangers?

  19. Al Pacino says:

    God Bless R-Truth for turning trash into gold

  20. Daksh The King says:

    Mr. Perfect : My son will be one of the best champions of all time.
    Curtis : I am the 24/7 champion MF’s.

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