24 Hour Overnight Bathroom Challenge!!

24 Hour Overnight Bathroom Challenge!!

24 hour overnight bathroom challenge starts right now! I can’t believe I actually stayed in my bathroom for 24 hours! Which 24 hour challenge should I do next? -Alisha
Watch my 24 hr room challenge here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfqOuP1LkIE&t=50s
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38 Responses

  1. AlishaMarie says:

    You guys requested this video SO MUCH!!! Hope you enjoy me being bored out of my mind haha what 24 hour challenge should i do next?? -Alisha

  2. Someone Special says:

    her bathroom is literally 2x the size of my bedroom

  3. Lauren Wurster says:

    24 hours in your office or even 24 hours in your backyard ?

  4. Sophia Braley says:

    Just imagine she hit the water on button and the water got all over her lol love you Alisha

  5. Unicorn Kaylee says:

    Why didn’t she just use the little table thing on her bathtub to set her computer on??? Lol!!! Then she could have stayed in her comfy “bed” and done her work. ???

    Edit: oh ok, I see she did it later

  6. Maya O says:

    Your bathroom is the size of my bedroom?

  7. Allie B says:

    I love how she put nothing in this video about actually going to the bathroom

  8. kimberly n says:

    alishas friends: “you wanna go out tonight?”

    alisha: “no sorry i cant im stuck in my bathroom for 24 hours”

    best excuse????

  9. Keelen Kendrick says:

    “I have to sneeze, I have to sneeze”
    *proceeds to sprawl herself out*??

  10. Emma F says:

    honestly i would volunteer to over night in her bathroom haha? BUT PLEASE DO A HOUSE TOUR

  11. Kasi Kay says:

    *haha when you’re bathroom is the size of Alisha’s shower??*

  12. ava tosetti says:

    do a 24 hour in your car!! your allowed to drive obvi

  13. Ashlyn P G says:

    What video did she do that got dimonitized?

  14. Summer Wedd says:

    GIRL, your bathroom is bigger than my room??

  15. Tessa Lynn says:

    It would have been so cool to do a whole spa day in the bathroom! That’s what I would have done. A nice bath, facial, mani pedi. That bathroom is PERFECT for that girl!

  16. Lama28 says:

    I can’t believe Alisha sucks at something I do everyday ? not the bathroom oh god but chilling in one space honestly me in my room ?

    • Vandiiis says:

      Same, i almoste never move from my spot on the sofa and then i go to the bed. The only time i’m not in the sofa is when i do somthing for a vlog or have to work xD

  17. Kenz Canuel says:

    Omg please make this a series and pick a new room in your house until you stayed in all the rooms lol

  18. itsKristiii says:

    When Alisha’s bathroom is bigger than your room ?

  19. Rhythm Kapoor says:

    Your bathroom is legit bigger than my room!! lol

  20. Melanie Locke says:

    This video was so entertaining I LOVE IT!! And i’m did at the fact that your bathroom is so nice, it legitimately looks like a hotel room in itself

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