24 Hours NO PHONE Challenge!! *locking our phones away

24 Hours NO PHONE Challenge!! *locking our phones away

The roomies and I go 24 hours with no phones..and locked our phones away in a jail. What challenge should we do next? xo -Alisha Marie
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43 Responses

  1. AlishaMarie says:

    guys help we need an epic house / sorority name for us!!!! what should it be?!

  2. Trista Kleinknecht says:

    The next challenge should be: going without any technology

  3. Bailey Evin says:

    Concerned that I don’t make my living as an influencer and have worse screen time than Alisha…

  4. Its_ _Cha0sYT says:

    Honestly, if I where to do this, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Drawing is a thing that takes my mind off of things, and many other things can do that as well.


  5. Reese K says:

    Alisha: you got your phone in 6th grade! That’s so young!
    Me: wait, I got mine when I was 8

  6. Lizzi Boo says:

    I feel for Taryne ; I don’t like exercise either 😂 lol

  7. Ashley G says:

    once the challenge is over: ash and taryne already typin and scrollin

  8. Kaziploo Playz says:

    Tk calls her mom: *sad voice, mom im not gonna have my phone today… Lol

  9. Mary Frankland says:

    Y’all should do a week where you have to keep you screen time under an hour every day like so they will see this

  10. Abby Snelling says:

    video suggestion: all of you stuck in alisha’s room for 24 hours

  11. Margaaa Baldovine says:

    Taryne saying “its super exhausting living in a house where people are so into fitness” is a whole freaking mood.

  12. Farrah Lynn Bitternose Onespot says:

    I would just watch all the Harry Potter movies😂

  13. anika l says:

    challenge: do an all nighter together challenge: handcuffed all together for 24 hrs

  14. Lila & Caitlyn Phavis says:

    Who else loves the roomie squad?

    P.s. we are small youtubers!

  15. revathy sen says:

    I was laughing when Alisha and tk announce that they were going to prank Ashley. I was like..😁😂. P.S Alisha your the only reason why i have been alive in quartine

  16. em ma says:

    y’all should do 24 hours camping outside. or y’all should do 24 hours in a tiny home

  17. KIRYN PATRICE says:

    “I would literally rather run on legos” 😭😭😭 i feel it 😂😂 i NEED music

  18. Sofie Wilson says:

    i’m so jealous of that house and their friendships.

  19. Anjali Mahbubani says:

    When TK was like “I’d rather run on Legos” without music lol same girl

  20. C N says:

    LMFAO this is hard? This poor generation. Y’all are sad

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