24 HOURS WITH A NEWBORN BABY! | Ellie and Jared Routine

24 HOURS WITH A NEWBORN BABY! | Ellie and Jared Routine

We show you what it’s like to live 24 hours with a newborn baby AND two other kids! In our daily routine, things go smooth, and unexpectedly!
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48 Responses

  1. Alice Armitage says:

    E+J is just perfect for every occasion! After watching them to get ready for my prom yesterday, (which was amazing!) I am now watching them in bed the day after!🤣 Thank you, Ellie and Jared, for being there for every occasion!🤣

  2. Nat and Wes (and the Rest!) says:

    *I miss these days!!! The newborn stage goes so fast. So exhausting yet so precious. It seems like just yesterday our twins and baby girl were that little!* 💛💛💛

  3. Caylee Nicole says:

    So crazy to see how much the boys have matured with tommy around!

  4. AJ&Baby TV says:

    Omg I’m so in love 😍
    Sweet little angel.
    You guys got them good genes all your boys came out so handsome ❤️💋

  5. Nat S says:

    I feel like I’m learning so much about parenthood from these vlogs!!

    • KittyBear says:

      Nat S it’s so much about sleep deprived state and healing and worrying

    • Hanri says:

      Right? Me too!

    • plannergirl99 says:

      I am not sure this is an accurate representation of parenthood. Obviously it is true what they are showing, but I think it’s much harder than this vlog or channel can show with the time they are given. Most babies are NOT that easy. There are usually alot of tears and worry that they either don’t have with Tommy or just are choosing not to show.

  6. Hannah Lim says:

    It’s so precious how Jackson and Calvin are excited to see Tommy every day 🙂

  7. Alessia Pontillo says:

    Who else is reading the comments while watching

  8. Kati Andrews says:

    Glad I’m not the only parent who tossed the diapers on the night stand/floor until the morning lol.

  9. Alana says:

    the cody shark dee dee shirt!!!😍😍so cute

  10. Stacy Hines says:

    Little Tommy’s furrowed eyebrows remind me so much of Jackson when he was a tiny baby!

  11. Vin Vlogger says:

    This was so cool to see! Thanks for sharing this! <3

  12. Hannah Lim says:

    HA! His shirt! “Cody Shark Dee Dee”

  13. Brittany and Michael Vlogs says:

    Aw I miss the newborn stage ❤️ I wanted to do the 24 hour video too but man. I was too tired back then haha you guys are strong!

  14. Adrianna Ducharme says:

    Does anyone see both the boys in Tommy?
    Love ❤️ you guys
    Congrats again on Tommy

  15. Kayla McDonogh says:

    Please go into more detail about Calvins infant sleep habits. Many families can relate. I don’t actually think you’ve ever really explained in the vlogs how little sleep he got, and for how long, and what self care you had to do.

  16. Cynthia B says:

    I always found the newborn stage to be the hardest! Their needs are simple, but they need so frequently, haha! You guys are rocking it, and Tommy being such an easy baby has to make the transition to three kids so much easier. My heart is bursting with happiness for you guys!!

  17. Erica Brooks says:

    I would love to see a day in the life that includes how you juggle Jackson and Calvin too! Luckily they have each other to play with, but to see when you stop to feed them, take turns playing with them/do activities, and then when you put them to bed amongst the feeding, burping, and changing of little TJ. ❤️

  18. Katlyn Huff says:

    I love that you guys got a Cody Shark Dee Dee onesie. It is too cute.

    • Maddie Bullock says:

      Katlyn Huff that is super cute! Where did Cody Shark Dee Dee come from?

    • rebecca weatherford says:

      Maddie Bullock they explain it in a video, I can’t remember which one! Basically, Cody is the boys’ cousin and they are with him a lot so the boys liked that name and the Shark Dee Dee comes from the baby shark song, if you know that (baby shark doo doo doo doo) 🙂

  19. Nico Alcock autism kid says:

    Who else loves Ellie and Jared?

  20. Earls Family Vlogs says:

    Oh the hard but sweet stages of the newborn phase! So stinking precious.

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