24 Reasons The Matrix & The Lego Movie Are The Same Movie

24 Reasons The Matrix & The Lego Movie Are The Same Movie

Introducing a new member to the CinemaSins family.
Watch more Couch Tomato here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rNyxcCBsRI

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20 Responses

  1. JonathanLin1974 says:

    Good one there dude! Thumbs up! So copycat! Ha ha ha

  2. vandergriff65 says:

    Why does couch tomato only have 12 subscribers, he just blew my mind

  3. POTATO CHEESE says:

    Did couch tomato just go from 12 subs to 60 000 subs?

  4. Adam Hammond says:

    Wow that’s so cool. :D

  5. christian davis says:


  6. billyblackattacks says:

    the narrator has got to go

  7. Justin Hart says:

    He sounds like he’s thinking more about changing his tampon than how
    similar these movies are.

  8. Spider-Neo the Time Lord Terminator says:

    This all makes sense now.

  9. James Gillam says:

    Well to be fair the Lego movie is kinda a parody of the matrix 

  10. Ishan Aziz says:

    Another one you might want to look in to is the TV show Avatar: The Last
    Airbender and Star Wars.

  11. Isaac Diaz says:

    WHAAAOOOO. That was amazing, i want more haha

  12. Toe dence says:

    talk about copyright

  13. DerBegginBlue says:

    Ok, the connections are nice, mabe a bit farfetched but nice. I guess I can
    only watch these if I saw accept spoilers for both movies but that’s a

  14. jacob smith says:

    Holy crap its true…How have i not seen the similarities

  15. C. Holder says:


  16. Angelina Ortiz says:

    OMG They Are The Same!

  17. Luis McSwagg says:

    April Fools *cough*

  18. avinotion says:

    Ah, that’s why I felt like I’ve seen the Lego movie before watching it (and
    subsequently had to quit watching after 20 minutes because it was so
    boring). That movie felt kinda like they mashed up a ton of older, better
    movies into a colorful melted lego of plastic cliché.

  19. Benjamin Abramowitz says:

    25. Both movies are inevitably ruined by two sequels.

  20. Random Stranger says:

    Wow! Mind Blown!