25 Easter Eggs in FNAF SECURITY BREACH (Five Nights At Freddy’s)

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u/SpacePrincessNOVA https://www.reddit.com/r/fivenightsatfreddys/comments/rkv8es/possible_easter_egg_crying_in_the_dj_security/

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This FNAF SECURTIY BREACH Video is based around 25 Easter Eggs in Five nights at freddys Security Breach, For more FNAF SECURTIY BREACH Top 10’s subscribe.

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32 Responses

  1. Selym says:

    “Most people won’t see it unless they’re looking!”
    That’s how eyes work!

  2. Underwazar says:

    The level 10 doors are shortcuts, and some of them have hidden places that are somewhere in the files, we found these places and now we can see them in the game with hacks, but we can’t play or do anything inside them.

  3. Omega Dot says:

    Time traveler: kicks a rock
    The timeline:

  4. Redstone Mecha77 says:

    I just thought of something about the Bonnie mystery. It’s pretty weird that he would go to three different places all 2 hours apart from each other. Also the fact that he would go to the East arcade is pretty strange as well. Could it be possible that Bonnie was once trying helping a kid escape like Freddy. Because you go to the East Arcade to get the level 4 keycard, which is a random place Bonnie would go on its own.

  5. Nobody says:

    The coded message in the end sentence it’s says save the ones who still have soul and that is the puppet

  6. Gojo Satoru says:

    If he had said the bite of 87 I completely would have started typing the entire FNAF lore so good job

  7. nuget but it's dumb says:

    When Freddy was upgraded with Monty claws he wasn’t concerned about how it is his claws…not the way how he was very concerned with the other animatronics

  8. [Hotline] says:

    Tbh I kinda think the ending where you play all of the princess quest games is the canon one because of the three stars at the bottom. Also because it is probably the most frustrating to get

  9. FuryX gaming says:

    In the second daycare secrets you do see all the animatronics in certain scenes like the boss battle against Afton and molten Freddy but it is easier to see them in this glitch so it is nice

  10. Gagjaga says:

    There’s a room in the pizzaplex you need monty’s claws for. It’s an exact replica as the mangle builder mini game in the curse of dread bear DLC. It’s really cool and I don’t see many people talking about it.

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