25 MILLION Orbeez in a pool- Do you sink or float?

25 MILLION Orbeez in a pool- Do you sink or float?

Kevin (aka The Backyard Scientist) and I filled a pool with 25 million waterballs (aka Orbeez) so I could settle an argument about how far you sink if you jump in.

Go watch Kevin’s video- https://youtu.be/BDS4DHxPQRE

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0:00- Nobody Knows- Andrew Applepie- http://www.andrewapplepie.com/
4:00- Berlin- Andrew Applepie- http://www.andrewapplepie.com/

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20 Responses

  1. Khaden Williams says:

    im jealous of your nephews

  2. NaytoTheBoss says:

    That would be so much fun

  3. slendiyG says:

    all the way

  4. rakeeb hossain says:

    I’m just here worried how they are going to clean this mess. LOL XD

  5. Tess mumm says:


  6. Frazer Faustin says:

    Wait how would you get out if you were drowning

  7. SwaggerBacon says:

    Bullshit. That’s not 25 million dude.

  8. LAZY WOLF GAMER says:

    AAll the way

  9. Freya Spencer says:

    Above nipples

  10. Grace Noelle says:

    All the way

  11. Ashley Gross says:

    To ur waist

  12. Tahiya Payne says:

    Wow. So…many…ORBIES!

  13. christine trowbridge says:

    about to youre haed

  14. Mizzhapp says:

    Really want to see the cleanup time-lapse :p

  15. Jake Abel says:

    1:12 gave away some idea for my guess. all way.

  16. Allen Mitchell says:

    Neck or wiest

  17. abigail ras says:


  18. William 姜 says:

    I also want to play together.

  19. ɐsn ɥɔǝʇ ʍǝıʌǝɹ says:

    TechRax wastes thousands of dollars to fill a pool with Coca-Cola and
    everyone goes apeshit.

    Mark Rober wastes thousands of dollars to fill a pool with Orbeez and he is

    Can someone please explain this to me?

  20. Karen Hellawell says:

    I was right