25 Surprising Secrets in Elden Ring!

25 Surprising Secrets in Elden Ring!

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00:00 Hymn of the Bats
01:15 The Song of Lament
03:05 No Maidens?
05:12 Blaggard Big Boggart
06:02 Foreshadowing
06:38 Binocular’s Reach
06:54 Spell Reach
07:45 Curl up and…be reborn?
10:00 Short Circuit II – Electric Boogaloo
10:47 Thy Meagre Flame
11:57 The Eyes Have It
12:49 The Player Survey
14:12 At The Deathroot
15:09 Godfrey’s Guidance
15:43 Water Under the Bridge
16:37 Final Wish
19:09 Rune Tax
20:13 Gostoc the Grafted
21:23 Two-Faced
21:57 Daedicar’s Woe
22:51 Radahn’s Favourite Animal
23:48 Gurranq’s Howl
24:20 The All-memorising
25:17 Soulslike

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51 Responses

  1. VaatiVidya says:

    Thanks to HelloFresh for sponsoring today’s video. Go to https://strms.net/VaatividyaHelloFreshOctoberYT and use code POGVIDYAOCT65 for 65% off plus free shipping on your first box!

    • Terry Anderton says:

      HelloFresh are union busters

    • Cat Shark says:

      Nice segue into the ad. 😛

    • Freidenker says:

      What would Soulsplayer do without the Lord of Lore & Myths? 😎

    • Aluri Anirudh says:

      @Doom Slayer oh yeah that’s the place where they are. Yeah man i commented before watching the whole video .

    • Turian Hustle says:

      Another really good location detail that’s similar to the Death Blight one, is the location of the Lake of Rot. If you look up, there’s glint stone covering the whole ceiling. Just above that is Raya Lucaria. The water has been affected by this, causing things like the Miranda Flowers to have magical traits.

  2. Coolnamebro says:

    The love Radahn has for animals is kind of explained by the ‘Beast Champion Armor’ description. It read
    “Beasts are drawn to champions, and to lords. And this armor befits a champion worthy of becoming a lord.”
    Radahn having lots of animal companions could be a nod to his worthiness.

  3. SamuraiCaveman says:

    I think the fire wasn’t removed from Morgott’s intro animation to hide the blade’s P2 effect but because the writers realized that Morgott wouldn’t want to use any kind of fire magic so close to the Erdtree as fire is considered sinful by the golden order.

    • Alenezi989 A says:

      Still I think removing the flame kinda ruined the cutscene, him just grabbing the handle harde and the sword just have the rocks explode off of it without fire looks just weird. The cutscene was made with the fire in mind removing it was not necessary even for the minimum detail to the lore it offers.

    • BDBrian says:

      @sirflimflam it’s weird though, his strongest attack he gains at like 10% health (the 13ish hit combo using all the holy weapons), why didn’t he whip that out earlier to avoid having to use flame yet?

    • Zed says:

      @Baryte I’m still a little confused though how he’s able to utilize bloodflame because irc that power is only gained by cutting into the Formless Mother.

    • SirCowdog says:

      @Griffin Holy crap! This makes Rykard’s consort constantly giving you flame spells make SO much more sense! Fuck me. The level of detail……. amazing!

    • sirflimflam says:

      @BDBrian He’s left with little choice at that point. He gets super upset for causing him to defile the throne but what choice does he have when the alternative is you ruining everything?

  4. Ziostorm says:

    Love how many secrets are in this game. Even ones that take influence from art history and folk lore are so awesome.

    • EET FUK says:

      nobody can discover secrets like you, lad. they laughed at you when you said Elden Ring was about mushrooms then look at them now, watching your videos about mushrooms.

    • Oliver_Twisted says:

      Could you maybe look into Rennala’s egg? I have a crazy theory you may like. The cause of Rennala’s obsession with the egg to me, is because it actually is Radagon. It’s hard to find a place to start but I’ll try. First is Miriel Pastor of vows, he says that a builder “glimpsed the skeleton in Radagons closet” and hid a message in the statue in leyndell. Radagon is Marika, which everyone interpreted as a rebus of some kind. I feel that it actually is that Marika only disguises herself as Radagon as the statue literally dispels an illusion of to reveal Marika. It is also hidden by a powerful incantation only usable by those who deeply invest in the golden order, aka those who truly believe what Radagon believed. I don’t know why she would rebirth him and stick him in Erdtree amber. Also all of his attacks in the Erdtree are holy damage and he never uses a golden order incantation once. I strongly believe it’s a puppet of sorts that the Elden beast sized control of from Marika then used more directly as the Holy Relic Sword

      Edit: I forgot to say Zullie the witch did a video showing its detail and red hair can be found inside it. Also I strongly believe that since the sweetings all look the same and feminine i think Rennala was trying to make a new body for her daughter Ranni who had destroyed her own on the night of black knives

    • SirSaladAss says:

      I knew most of them just by watching your videos ahah

  5. Meredith Stanley says:

    The near extinct language was really incredible. I wonder if we’ll see more in the dlc? I’d be excited for more history and hidden bits!

  6. Daniel Delgado says:

    I would have loved that the jelly fish ash to be upgraded by summoning a second jelly fish or summoning a much stronger one if you get Aurelia to see her sister

    • Jojo says:

      That would be cool but if I remember correctly the jellyfish exist because they have business in the living world that wasn’t resolved, which is why they remain. I think the description said something about hopes and dreams, which is why they’re around catacombs. So once you reunite them their business is over and they should both disappear

    • Al Bino says:

      That defo would have been awesome to summon both jellyfish after reuniting them!

    • Makenai Yomi says:

      Or summon Latenna with her Wolf when you managed to finish her quest. This would be a nice reward.

  7. Karanagi says:

    Blackguard is actually pronounced “blaggard”. Blaggard is also an alternative version of the word Blackguard.

    “From black +‎ guard, thought to have referred originally to the scullions and lower menials of a court, or of a nobleman’s household, who wore black liveries or blacked shoes and boots, or were often stained with soot.”

  8. John Blake says:

    The power of Morgotts sword is obviously really similar to the power the Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower uses in Bloodborne. Which is really cool because they are both guarding the source of their own curse/shame.

  9. klamm03 says:

    Vaati, I don’t know if you noticed but Gostoc is examining the left arm of the dead body (the same arm he is missing) so it is likely he wants to graft himself a new arm.

  10. VaatiVidya says:

    So good news – my audio narration quality should dramatically improve in the next video! I somehow never realised how much of a difference a good audio interface can make, and this new one is putting in work. Excited for that. Prepare to Cry soon!

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