25 Things You Might Not Know about Harry Potter – mental_floss List Show (Ep. 230)

A weekly show where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This week, John discusses everyone’s favorite boy wizard.

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20 Responses

  1. Etienne Domingue says:

    Ms. Rowling has declared to the Twitterverse that her patronus is actually
    a pine marten, not an otter (granted, they are both mustelidae).

    I can only assume she knows this because she is actually capable of
    performing the charm.

  2. Vicious Goldfish says:

    I got married on HP’s birthday 🙂 

  3. Shootingstarr says:

    frankie muniz would’ve fit for the role of harry. but radcliffe was a good
    choice as well
    it also made it possible for muniz to star in malcolm in the middle, which
    is a great show

  4. TallTeenTurtle says:

    It probably says something about me that i already knew all of these…

  5. Maha Qadri says:

    Oh god that last one did me in. I love you Rupert 😛 

  6. Ron Northcutt says:

    interesting tidbits!

  7. psyssi says:

    Could’ve voldemort have killed Harry as a baby by, I dunno, stepping on
    him, or smothering him with a pillow? Kinda lame of him to give up after
    one failed spell.

  8. Yullenator says:

    Said no one ever? I love Harry Potter a lot, but Half Blood Prince was
    *terribly* long.

  9. Etcha says:

    I’m sorry, John, but even Peter Pan had to grow up eventually.

  10. Magibecca says:


  11. Etcha says:

    John Green and Harry Potter. Life doesn’t get much better. Unless it’s John
    Green *as* Harry Potter. Then the world might explode.

  12. Jessica Morrison says:

    I knew most of these and i’m proud <3

  13. Aerovetic says:

    I’ve said it so much times and I’ll say it again, Harry Potter is one of
    the best things to ever happen. Like, ever.

  14. teaandtoastify says:

    Best episode of Mental Floss ever!1!!

  15. Joshua Bororing says:

    I knew all of these. Sorry John

  16. Autumn Riley says:

    I looooove the Moaning Myrtles. I mainly listen to a lot of the stuff
    because I have absolutely fallen in love with Lauren’s channel.

  17. Autumn Riley says:

    I already knew like… 5? Of those?

  18. Yoursoul Painter says:

    I knew all of these except for MOANING MYRTLE BEING THIRTY LIKE

  19. LuciaBiggles says:

    i actually knew every single one of these!

  20. TeddyRoooosevelt says:

    Ron Swanson smelling like “breakfast food” sounds like a blatant dodge of
    saying “bacon”…