250,000 DOMINOES! – The American Domino Record – Smarter Every Day 178

250,000 DOMINOES! – The American Domino Record – Smarter Every Day 178

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● US Domino Field Record (12,450 dominoes)
● US Domino Structure Record (12,780 dominoes)
● US Domino Record (245,732 dominoes)

Steve Price – Sprice Machines – http://www.youtube.com/thesprice17/
Lily Hevesh – Hevesh5 – http://www.youtube.com/hevesh5/
Lyle Broughton – jackofallspades98 – http://www.youtube.com/jackofallspade…
Nathan Heck – SuperMarMarMan1 – http://www.youtube.com/supermarmarman1/
Joel Yantha – TheInvention11 – http://www.youtube.com/theinvention11/
Alex Huang – Flashdomino – http://www.youtube.com/flashdomino/
Mark Robbins – DoodleChaos – http://www.youtube.com/doodlechaos/
Brady Dolan – BPDoles – http://www.youtube.com/bpdoles/
Chase Blanchette – TheRGMGuy01 – http://www.youtube.com/thergmguy01/
Hayden Russell – Dynamic Domino – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn55…
Evan Voeltner – E VoltageRGMs – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa2S…
Marcel Pürrer – Austrian Domino Art – https://www.youtube.com/Dominoday111
Tim Dunsmore – DrComplicated – http://www.youtube.com/drcomplicated/
Alexandra Benz – DominoERDMANN – http://www.youtube.com/dominoerdmann/
Michael Fantauzzo – StickTrickDominoDude – http://www.youtube.com/sticktrickdomi…
Sascha Wilzewski – DominoFan0803 – http://www.youtube.com/dominofan0803/
Joseph Naberhaus – jdman1699 – http://www.youtube.com/jdman1699/
Joel Dähler – Smileypeacefun – http://www.youtube.com/smileypeacefun/
Chris Wright – xXDominoMasterXx – http://www.youtube.com/xxdominomasterxx/
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20 Responses

  1. daniel PC/ Xbox says:

    Do it with a servo and esc

  2. Draymond Stare says:

    You could use a can of air to push the domino? maybe every press releases the same amount of air at the same PSI?

  3. Dand says:

    I be the one who will sneeze and accidentally trigger it

  4. caleb harding says:

    Make sure your desk is level

  5. Mark Speir says:

    How about using a solenoid with a long enough stroke?

  6. Comrade Smack says:

    How about a pendulum for a trigger mechanism? Easy to pull back fully for a consistent tap.

  7. James Shatters says:

    You should trigger it with a small pendulum released from a constant height

  8. Squirmin Bundlab says:

    Hey Destin, I have a thing to say:

    I’d say, have the rod used to trigger the dominoes at a constant height, and perhaps make a motorized device to move the rod a constant length in a constant amount of time.

    Then, while timing the dominoes, use the instant it hits the first domino, to the instant which the second-to-last domino hits the last domino.

    Each time, you should average 5 trials unless they are drastically inconsistent.
    You can switch between surfaces with more or less friction, different colors of dominoes, and different spaces of dominoes, to test each of the theories – just keep the other two variables the same (when testing different colors, keep the friction surfaces constant and the spaces constant).

    I’d love to see what secrets you unveil.

  9. THEsourman00 says:

    start it with a pendulum and raise the pendulum to the exact same point every time

  10. Andrew Rollette says:

    Use some compressed air mounted in place to trigger the dominoes.

  11. eilovechiken says:

    Hey here is an idea for a constant trigger of the dominos; get a pendulum set up at the start of the Dominos and extend it just enough so it only hits the 1st domino take a measurement of that and use it to start every row of dominos 🙂

  12. aztechguy76 says:

    First, I would like to say that I love your channel(s) and videos. They are very informative and educational. I recommend your channel to everyone I can. That being said, I have always been critical about controls in experiments. Whether it’s your channel or an episode of Mythbusters, I sometimes see flaws in the control, but there is usually no way to express it so that the creators would read it and try to correct it. You pushing the dominoes was the first thing I noticed. Since you’re timing the dominoes, I would think an electronic trigger/release system would be in order. Perhaps you could have an automated release for the dominoes, that also triggers a timer, but also triggers the camera. The camera shouldn’t be as important, but I wanted to throw that out there.
    Another thing I was curious about was temperature/humidity and surface area. If you were in garage and we’re filming this over the course of several hours, I’m sure there were temperature and humidity changes. I live in Nashville and I know. ha ha
    I would recommend trying the experiment again, except in a more climate controlled environment. If indoors, be wary of air vents, ceiling fans and floor movement. About the humidity…
    I would think that if you were in a garage, certain meteorological variables would not be constant. This would affect material surfaces, thus creating a difference in control. Think about how wood or metal reacts to moisture and temperature.
    Wrapping this up, I would suggest an indoor, climate-controlled environment and an automated, synchronous release system for the topple mechanism and the timer.
    Thanks for making excellent educational material!

  13. Tom Holmez says:

    You should start the dominos electronically using a servo or a linear actuator to hit the dominos with a consistent force and at the same height

  14. Mark Anthony says:

    I’d love to see you do another video completely dedicated to solving this.

  15. Haurth says:

    trigger idea: Pendulum with set drop point and end point on a solid rod, not a string or rope

  16. TheCaptain says:

    10:37 Your experiment methodology is generally sound but needs modifications to remove the inconsistencies. First, use a high quality hydraulic actuator to begin the action. Next, use a bigger testing sample, IE make the chain longer, so the final effect will be more pronounced. And finally, for the high-speed camera to have greater contrast and visual quality, increase the lighting focused on the test and use two differing light temperature settings for each light directional axis. For example, for light shining in the vertical axis, use a 5000k light source and for the horizontal use a 2700k light source. The the difference in the color temp will help minimize shadowing and improve depth perception in the camera viewing field.

  17. imbw267 says:

    Use a swinging pendulum with a consistent jig to add a fixed amount of gravity potential to the swing.

  18. Yme-Jan Iedema says:

    Shoot the first dominoes with the .22 to start the topple 😀

  19. berniedmj m says:

    Are you using 60 dominos on your test? That dude said that 60 dominos is 1 second.

  20. Anthony Dach says:

    a think the swing would be best, you could be sure the force would stay the same across instances.

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