$260 vs $17 Pork Chop Dinner: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients | Epicurious

$260 vs $17 Pork Chop Dinner: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients | Epicurious

Expert chef Frank from the Institute of Culinary Education and home cook Gabi are swapping materials and hoping for the best! We gave Gabi $260 worth of ingredients and Frank’s recipe notebook, then asked her to recreate his pork chop dinner as best she could. To lend a remote helping hand, food scientist Rose dialed in for a brief teleconference and pep talk. On the other side, Frank received a meager $17 worth of supplies and tried to improvise his way up to gourmet. Who’s got the chops to succeed under these mixed up circumstances?

Want to follow Chef Frank on Instagram? Find him at @protocooks
Looking for Gabby on social media? Find her at @gabchappel
How about the Institute of Culinary Education? Right here! @iceculinary

#stayhome and cook #withme

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$260 vs $17 Pork Chop Dinner: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients | Epicurious

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56 Responses

  1. ThatOneHispanicKid says:

    “You dirty savage” – Frank 2020

    Me: why yes, yes i am.

  2. Matt Martin says:

    “I think as long as I make my own costume”
    …Frank has become self-aware.

  3. Kat L says:

    “I’m gonna cut the cheese”
    I love Frank LOL

  4. Sam Az says:

    Gabi is the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen

  5. Yale Henry says:

    Frank: “I’m gonna cut the cheese”
    Also Frank: *smirk*

  6. 10k subscriber challenge in 6 Months says:

    Frank:I’m the master of salt


  7. shadebug says:

    “As long as I make my own costume, people will be accepting of it”
    *goes home to plant some cotton and rear some sheep*

  8. Master Yoda says:

    Me: Following recipe

    Frank: *Throws garlic*

    Me: Its in the name of flavour *YEET*

  9. BboyLilAzn says:

    Why is Gabi the most adorable home cook ever to come on this show

  10. Nigga Higga says:

    “Does frank have my beer?”

    Frank : *s e e e p s t h e m o i s t e n*

  11. Elden Rocamora says:

    Frank didn’t even need a bottle opener to open that bottle of beer WHAT A LEGEND

  12. generalnawaki says:

    Frank: well im suing potatoes today so i took the liberty of going back in time and teaching the Peruvians how to cultivate them.

  13. That Drawing Channel says:

    Frank: “I think people will be accepting of it, but I have to make it myself”
    NAILED IT! that’s a man who knows his audience.

  14. Angelie Grace says:

    Why does no one noticed how cute Frank was when he asked if he could take a picture with Gab? Like Uwu

  15. Annie Patterson says:

    Time to rename this to “Frank vs. Home Cook Swap Ingredients”

    Trust me I’m not complaining 😂

  16. puckmarin says:

    GOD Frank’s playful little smirk after his “cut the cheese comment.” He has the BEST personality.

  17. Sam Jimmy says:

    everyone: *got Frank’s recipe
    Everyone: where are the instructions???
    Rose: come to me~

    • KatKaleen says:

      Frank reminds me of my great-aunt when it comes to baking: “First you make a sponge cake from five eggs”.
      I know a bit more about baking and different kinds of dough/batter now, but back then that was as helpful as last week’s lottery numbers.

  18. Juliette Vermeersch says:

    Expert Chef: Pommes Paillasson
    Me, an intellectual: Giant Hashbrown

  19. Lunar Eclipse says:

    These kind of episodes: exist

    Rose Trout: Here we go again..

  20. Kūromîya Sá chann says:

    Did Frank just open that beer by just twisting the cap WITH HIS BARE HANDS!?

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