Scrolling graphics, originally by PushyPixels: http://CookingWithUnity.com

Considerably nicer in high quality. Like your mum.

If, like me, you are also an admirer of the mantis shrimp, you will certainly enjoy: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/mantis_s…

The music is Hymne à la Nuit – Rameau: https://youtu.be/sREkrQY07Oc

And Mars – Holst: https://youtu.be/Jmk5frp6-3Q

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HAL9000 is actually a good mate of mine. Good with chicks. Fucking terrible with spaceships.

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20 Responses

  1. Son_0f_Ares says:

    Not bad, from 2k subs to 14k subs in about a month.

  2. Visal Un says:

    happy Birthday!!!

  3. Bombshock | Road to 10.000 says:

    And yet they’re using “God” and “Jesus”.

  4. Ice Blue says:

    Can you notice me Senpai?

  5. StickerBook says:

    (COUGH) (COUGH) Series (COUGH) (COUGH)

  6. Jonathan Rothe says:

    27 uses Wikipedia… Idiot

  7. Dyke Semons says:

    turtles eveeywhere and anywhere

  8. Zong Zhang says:

    2:54 Kontras string quartet playing the Boradin quartet in d major, I’d
    recognize it anywhere

  9. levy G. (eboy4032) says:

    That was amazing subbed

  10. A man with one hand says:

    H3h3 lol. Nice. :D

  11. Jonathan Rothe says:

    It isn’t ‘omnisient’ it’s omniscient otherwise known as ‘omnishient’

  12. Synerrox เ says:

    Is there a reference to dark star in there? You know, the “let there be
    light” thing.

  13. Jonathan Rothe says:

    Lol good shit!!!! I liked the surprise ending!!!

  14. Keegan DoesStuff says:


  15. Jerry Not Tom says:


  16. duanekimball says:

    a file dump of dosbox? That’s AI?

  17. Grant Engrav says:

    “all normal” star wars reference right?

  18. PuddingSaladBoy says:

    Nice little h3h3 cameo

  19. John “Hsroe” Horse says:


  20. oyonig says:

    “they think i’m an idiot, bip boop fine thank you” haha