$29 Vs. $180 Family-Style Meats

$29 Vs. $180 Family-Style Meats

“It’s both a spotlight and a drumroll for your meat.”

Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/60326

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Adam Perry Lang
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David Kuo

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45 Responses

  1. google lets you have really long names says:

    If worth it’ also turns into an independent channel like try guys and unsolved . I will have no need to subscribe to buzzfeed

    • Felicia W says:

      That’s the only reason I watch them.

    • Purr says:

      google lets you have really long names unsolved still belongs to buzzfeed though

    • Sgt. Stringbean says:

      google lets you have really long names ok the problem with that it would be VERY expensive to start their own channel because they are eating very expensive foods for these episodes and they have to pay for travel expenses to get to unique places to try those expensive foods. That’s also not including the other cost of crew, equipment, etc… Although I would also love to see an independent channel separate from buzzfeed, buzzfeed is a multibillion dollar company that can afford to make this show, but if Steven, Andrew, and Adam are paying out of pocket with possible investors, it may not be so sustainable.

    • Felicia W says:

      +Sgt. Stringbean Absolutely. We can always dream…

  2. CharminglyLit says:

    This was way too sexual. I don’t know why I’m feeling these feelings

  3. Akshaya Srinivas says:

    8:11 : “i got us sHAREABLE FRUIT”

    Is it just me, or did anyone else find Andrew saying that line absolutely cute?

  4. For the Time Being says:

    So cute that the roles are reversed

  5. xbeautifulxliex123 says:

    This whole episode felt like watching a date with Andrew trying to win Steven’s heart with food so he’d move back to LA lol

  6. Amani D says:

    6:23 Andrew looks at that man the way I look at my food heating up in the microwave

  7. Joy Dyrenforth says:

    * dances *
    *it’s back it’s back it’s back*

  8. Liz Holliday says:

    why is Steven quiet and shy and Andrew is talking way more what is going on I’m scared

  9. reluctantmuggle says:

    It actually seems like Andrew missed his buddy Stephen

  10. Lorne Nix says:

    This feels different :/

  11. Maria Reynoso says:

    The amount of energy Andrew has is so different, it feels weird to me lol

  12. Anum Fatima says:

    I was waiting for this for so looooooong… kept checking youtube. Andrew’s laugh at foodiana jones 😍

  13. Sukumaran Sulojana says:

    The problem with every food video is that they forget to put a warning


  14. RΓΈnnie says:

    Anyone reading the comments while watching? Just me oki 8)

  15. Terrific Popcorn says:

    It’s a bit weird seeing Andrew in the driving seat…

  16. ZiasSideEyeWhenB.louTrippin says:

    5 great seasons… That’s *COMMEATMENT*

  17. Benjamin Lau says:

    I think next episode is curry

  18. ninjaydes says:

    3:57 You need nine friends to play basketball…
    *cries in a corner*

  19. TheOfficialDrk says:

    You can tell Andrew missed Steven.

  20. Anon1993 says:

    “Do you want to feel something else..?” “huh……?”

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