2AM hotel scam?

2AM hotel scam?

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  1. Michalena says:

    I feel like the call and the door together is too shady to not just straight up mace whoever it is

    • T B says:

      @Drowsy I’m so confused on what these people are attempting to correct you on when huge portion of hotels have a deadbolt on the door but it isn’t one that’s sideways, it’s diagonal, so someone can still leak inside or can use bolt cutters

    • Sugma Balls says:

      Or just slide your gun really hard, let em hear it. They won’t come back.

    • Justin C. says:

      The call is the most suspicious because all calls go through the front desk in a hotel so the person he yelled at sent the phone to that room.

    • Cooper Swan says:

      you’re all wrong, the key wouldn’t open the dead bolt, but with the door ajar you could easily slip bolt cutters through the door and just snip the chain holding the door closed

    • Drowsy says:

      @Victor Vaughn Shroom yeah I’m aware, and staff usually have a master key to unlock the deadbolt as well

  2. My Account says:

    “The Hawaiian shirt with a knife doesn’t work.” He obviously hasn’t seen Scarface.

  3. John Hryniewicz says:

    “Hawaiian shirt with a knife, doesn’t work”😂 it’s seriously just Sam that makes it funny. The way he says certain things just makes me wanna crack up😂

  4. she's gone now says:

    They made sure he was in the room and then they sent someone to the room. Call the cops! Someone at the front desk is in on it. That same employee will put you in danger later.

  5. MaAterOFdisAsteR says:

    When this happens to you, the trust to hotels is gone forever. Happens to me once, since i put in my own flor lock and a sound alarm on the door handle

  6. M Anderson says:

    He called, and then still sent the guy to your room… that wasn’t an accident.

    • Vitor Fernandes says:

      @Ronny then that hotel is bad. If I was having a heart attack or something I’d like the staff to come and help me without my permission to enter the room. I work at the reception. There’s always exceptions.
      Another example of some guy is beating his wife to death, sure we shouldn’t help by going in the room but some member of staff might feel the need to help. Or if there’s loud noise coming from your room we can call you. Etc

    • M Anderson says:

      @Ronny See, this is it. Regardless of who called ahead, the guy was given a key to a booked room by reception, with the receptionist even admitting it and actually getting defensive when confronted.

      This is a case of the receptionist either being incompetent or straight up malicious. Either way, he shouldn’t work there.

    • Ronny says:

      At the Marriott where I work we ask for a name confirmation on the room they need a key for or an I.D. Also we don’t call the room before handing out keys it will already be in the system if occupied or vacant. Hotel staff has master keys to every room but we are never to use them unless it’s vacant or told to by guests to take care of something.

    • Commander Jonson says:

      @Nick Barnes yes i agree i dont think the staff were in on it theyre just incompetent in some hotels.

    • Nick Barnes says:

      I think that the guy called Sam’s room from his own room. Then went to the front desk to request a key.

  7. Balls Ligma says:

    That was a robbery attempt if he didn’t have the latch on.

    • Sugma Balls says:

      @The Dude to case it? You check if anyone’s there to make sure it’s occupied, stop being condescending if you don’t know shit.

    • Stephen Myers says:

      I used to work in a hotel . This does happen

    • The Dude says:

      Good job internet detective. Why the fuck would you call ahead and make sure someone is home before robbing them?

    • Jay AR says:

      @Roberto Conde nobody would select a huge man, that is currently awake. To mess with, no body is that dumb I’d like to think.

    • Roberto Conde says:

      @Jay AR think about it if they were attempting to kidnap him calling him is the perfect way of getting a way with it and providing an Alibi for the Receptionist. Okay guy goes missing the cops get called in first two questions is who was last with him lest check cams he came in a lone a person appears hours later goes to the front desk then is handed a room key proceeds to room. Who is this guy why was given a room key. Receptionist – this person comes at 2:am ask to see blank that he or she is expecting them so receptionist makes a call to the room , the call Supposedly goes like this. Hey so so and so is here to see you should we let him up , yes give him/her a room key and let him/her up. The Receptionist would know if calls are recorded or not by the looks of it they are not once the guy is missing or shows up dead missin body part who would tell his side of the story right ?

  8. arthurneddysmith says:

    I’ve had the same thing. Told the man at the desk we were going out to clubs. Decided to stay in. 3am, someone opens the door and starts to enter before realising we were there. So so dodgey. Staff were clearly planning on robbing the room.

  9. Dummy Account says:

    knife guys will take literally any opportunity to be like “I’m a knife guy here’s my knife”

    • ryan says:

      @Alex shank you

    • Alex says:

      @ryan That was cleaver

    • Oroborus says:

      Yeah cause knives are dope

    • Extremely Handsome Genius. says:

      @ryan one day a rope is gonna need cutting and that guy is gonna be right fucken there with his backup steak knife, eating steak and then coalescing with other knife guys to find a rope cutter knife guy. It’s happening. It’s all going down

    • ryan says:

      @bob ert Emergency backup knife, genius. The modern woman doesn’t appreciate such raw practicality.

      Keep being you knjfe guy. One day you’ll save the day with that damn knife, & some lucky girl will realize you’re her knife in shining armor. You’ll get your knife wife yet.

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