2CELLOS – They Don’t Care About Us – Michael Jackson [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

2CELLOS – They Don’t Care About Us – Michael Jackson [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

From our new album Celloverse – out now!
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/celloverse
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2CELLOS Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser playing their arrangement of They Don’t Care About Us by Michael Jackson


Directed by:
Zdenko Bašić

Story by:

Screenplay by:
Zdenko Bašić

Director of Photography:
Ivan Slipčević

1st assistant of the Camera:
Ivan Serdarević

2nd Camera:
Nina Klarić
Siniša Koprivnjak
Marko Cindrić

3th Camera:
Saša Tufegdžić
Filip Filković

Ronin operator:
Tomislav Pović

Production Design by:
Zdenko Bašić

Set Decorator:
Marijo Šimić

Costume Design by:
Ivana Bilić

Drago Podrugač

Make up:
Sanja Hrstić-Kuterovac & Tatjana Tomšić

Compositing i Animation:
Dražen Željković, Zdenko Bašić

2 Masson Played by:
Čedomir Ostreš

Drago Podrugač

Marin Barbić

Branko Drakšić & Zdenko Trucek

Production Sketches:
Mario Gazić, Zdenko Bašić

Tomislav Josipović

Color Grade:
Tomislav Josipović

1st Assistant of Director:
Andro Krpan

Executive Producer :
Katarina Janković

Danijel Pek
Maja Pek

Audio produced, mixed and mastered by 2CELLOS and Filip Vidovic (Morris Studio, Zagreb)

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19 Responses

  1. sebastian rios says:

    Que copadooooo!!!! ….

  2. antonella mei says:

    New amazing cover of ‪#‎MichaelJackson‬’s song THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT US
    performed by the world famous Croatian cello duo 2CELLOS.
    The video they just uploaded on youtube will give you goosebumps from the
    first scene.
    I read a comment under their video that says all about its message: “It’s
    about all wars in human history commanded by few “guys in shadow”.
    Generals, presidents, marshals, dictators… Whatever.
    They are playing game of chess – soldiers are commanded just like figures.
    And then there comes nuke.
    All over. Ultimate death…
    Game over.
    “They” don’t really care about us, we are just pawns to them”.
    Nuova straordinaria cover della canzone di Michael TDCAU eseguita dal duo
    croato di violoncello di fama mondiale 2CELLOS.
    Il video che hanno appena caricato sul loro canale youtube vi darà la pelle
    d’oca sin dalla prima scena.
    Ho letto un commento sotto il video che dice tutto sul suo messaggio: “Il
    video è su tutte le guerre della storia umana comandate da alcuni “tizi in
    ombra”. Generali, presidenti, marescialli, dittatori… tutti.
    Loro giocano a scacchi – i soldati sono comandati semplicemente come
    E poi arriva la bomba atomica.
    E’ tutto finito. C’è solo la morte alla fine…
    Game Over.
    A “loro” non importa di noi, per loro noi siamo solo pedine”.

  3. LookBaCk says:

    “They don’t give a f**k about us” – Tupac.

    O wait, it’s the 2CELLOS – They don’t care about us -Micheal Jackson.

  4. Fakrul Ahsan says:


  5. Sam Borfell says:

    I love the music but I hate the choppy scenes in many of your recent
    videos. I just want to see you play! :)

  6. Eileen Siemers says:

    *They Don’t Care About Us*
    I think any #michealjackson fan or who loves #2cellos will find this song
    very enjoyable. (Not to mention timely!)

  7. Natasa Tasic says:

    Amazing, amazing, amazing!!! Please, more of Jackson!!

  8. Filip Stojakovic says:


  9. vũ Đình tư says:

    phim cinh di

  10. Ibolya Varga says:

    Ahh! AWESOME!!! Döbbenetes!

  11. ApacheForeskin says:

    Well this is really pretentious.

  12. razvicool Robloxian says:

    Good job 2CELLOS

  13. Fabiola Ortube says:

    I haven’t heard 2CELLOS before but my god when they started playing I was
    Like o.o 0.0 O_O
    Lol I love it! A great version of MJ’s song ❤

  14. RYUSUIKAN says:

    *They Don’t Care About Us*

  15. Euroatmasfera says:

    *They Don’t Care About Us*

  16. Таня Кондратова says:

    не часто плачу, но когда смотрела – плакала. спасибо.

  17. Наська Бананаська says:

    Круто (^~^)/

  18. Mladen Preglej says:

    This video and song,got relly powerfull massage!!
    weel done 2CELLOS!!!

  19. 41BATTAL says:

    That’s men crazy :D