#3 76ERS at #2 CELTICS | FULL GAME 1 HIGHLIGHTS | May 1, 2023

#3 76ERS at #2 CELTICS | FULL GAME 1 HIGHLIGHTS | May 1, 2023

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Led by James Harden’s Playoff career-high tying 45 points, the Philadelphia 76ers defeated the Boston Celtics in Game 1, 119-115. Tyrese Maxey added 26 points for the 76ers in the victory, while Jayson Tatum tallied 39 points, 11 rebounds, and 5 assists for the Celtics. The 76ers lead this best-of-seven series, 1-0, with Game 2 taking place on Wednesday, May 3 (8:00 p.m. ET, TNT).

Tonight marked James Harden’s 10th 40+ point Playoff game of his career, becoming the 11th player in NBA history with 10 or more such games:
Michael Jordan: 38 Games
LeBron James: 28 Games
Jerry West: 20 Games
Elgin Baylor: 14 Games
Kevin Durant: 14 Games
Wilt Chamberlain: 13 Games
Kobe Bryant: 13 Games
Shaquille O’Neal: 12 Games
Hakeem Olajuwon: 11 Games
Allen Iverson: 10 Games
James Harden: 10 Games

James Harden is the 5th player in 76ers franchise history to record 45+ points in a Playoff game, joining:
Allen Iverson (7 Games)
Lee Shaffer
Wilt Chamberlain
Billy Cunningham

Tonight’s victory is the 76ers’ first Game 1 victory in Boston since 1981

Jayson Tatum had his 5th career Playoff game of 30+ points, 10+ rebounds, and 5+ assists, passing Paul Pierce for the 3rd most such games in Celtics franchise history:
Larry Bird: 19
John Havlicek: 7
Jayson Tatum: 5
Paul Pierce: 4

Jayson Tatum had his 11th career Playoff game of 25+ points, 10+ rebounds, and 5+ assists, passing Bill Russell for the 3rd most such games in Celtics franchise history:
Larry Bird: 26
John Havlicek: 15
Jayson Tatum: 11
Bill Russell: 10

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44 Responses

  1. Radeen Choudhury says:

    45 for Harden right after Curry’s 50 piece. Feels like this era of superstars are letting out a final breath of looking like they’re still in their prime. Grateful to witness

    • Durag2x says:

      @edashMusixhe’s on there for guarding bron in 2018 lol

    • Luis Maldonado says:

      @Isaak Duarte I feel you man, I was watching these guys when they came in to the league back in 2010-2011 I was in middle school back then

    • Jeii gocrazy says:

      @Benjamin Britt he’s 33

    • Adarsh Mk says:

      @Dionysus exactly these kids thinks that curry lebron harden and all these superstars era is done and thinking its their time now but these guys had something to say about that XD

  2. TruckBuilt_47 says:

    Harden accepted the assignment and went back into 2016 mode🔥🔥🔥 This will definitely elevate the sixers confidence going forward. This series just became more interesting.

    • Psplif says:

      @number1 don’t forget jimmies 50 piece

    • MARK SANTOS says:

      @number1 read my last comment

    • MARK SANTOS says:

      @Ngaih awma if you guys read his comment properly, currently out of all remaining players in the playoffs, LeBron has 28, KD had 14, Harden now has 10. Jimmy Butler and Curry only have 8 which include both their 56/50 point performances as of late. So yes you are wrong and cannot read.

    • Norm Mac says:

      I agree 100%! I was starting to see wonder if Harden still had it in him. Good to see he does.

    • Ngaih awma says:

      @Donald Reed That’s Cap, Michael Jordan had the most and Kobe, Wilt, Jerry West,Shaq, Hakeem all have double digit 40pt games in the playoffs, where did you even got your list from?

  3. Set Show says:

    Harden’s shots started falling early and that boosted his confidence to lead his team to victory. Great performance!

  4. Mark Dizon says:

    Wow outstanding performance of Harden and 76ers, winning this game without Embid and without homecourt advantage, truly remarkable

    • Sean S says:

      @David Jackson idk. They got a pretty damn good frontcourt. They just collapsed defensively last night, much to my happiness

    • David Jackson says:

      @Sean S Boston ain’t big enough to handle any more of the league they have a chance but they’re fixing to get bullied in the paint and birds

    • Greg Archer says:

      ​@Dakota just like the Bruins eh?

    • Sean S says:

      As a sixers fan i got sixers in 6 after last night. Boston’s still a damn good team

  5. RAYNATION says:

    Russ, Jimmy, Steph now Harden. Feels good seeing these vets performing at a high level. Appreciate greatness!

    • Rod Tha God says:

      @Astros 2022 MLB champs make America mad again Pg was never a MVP just stop talking 🤫

    • Rod Tha God says:

      @Aćee 3m he averaged a triple double 3 seasons in a row lol

    • Astros 2022 MLB champs make America mad again says:

      @Tommy.originalvideosPHL stats bro I like Russell Westbrook but he never was good when it mattered he lost to a rookie in round 1 with PG13 as the mvp they year before and he couldn’t get out of round 1 without kd that’s bad

    • Tommy.originalvideosPHL says:

      ​@Aćee 3m facts. Russ was the best player in the NBA for them 2 seasons straight. Averaging that triple double was straight goatness! Hes a living legend and deserves respect on his name

    • Aćee 3m says:

      @Eshgod be realistic bro how tf can you hate on Russ he’s a living legend give him a break he literally had a season where he averaged a triple double each game he’s a legend put some respect on his name

  6. Gerlacherzz says:

    Harden being the 2nd option this season has helped so much for his health and his fatigue at this point in the playoffs he’s usually gassed from trying to do too much but he had a lot of time to rest definitely a lot less wear on his body this season for him to have a game like this really happy for harden id love to see him win a ring

    • MacVince Mosquera says:

      as a huge James Harden fan, this right here is legit. I was happy him taking the back seat from Joel and conserve his energy because prime James Harden was always gassed when the middle of playoffs come all those years. Hope we can get Joel back soon.

    • CHASLOUS says:


    • Bryce Turner says:

      @Raymond Ezell fr only reason we got PJ

    • Raymond Ezell says:

      And he took a pay cut…dude has done everything he could to put them in position to win.

  7. Lisa D. says:

    Harden went into his old bag of tricks and rocked the Celtics. Excellent game! 🔥🏀

    • Just Here says:

      @Easy E the nicknames are super corny if they win the next game yoh still gonna call em that? Smh dumb corny

    • Just Here says:

      @Vincent Agagen y’all were down the majority of the game you need to watch the whole game y’all was playing catch up and got lucky in the end 🤡

    • Just Here says:

      @Easy E we were literally winning lol wtf are you even saying when maxes drove to the hole y’all were down 4 tf you saying and after that we were still up and the refs called another fake foul even tho tatum got fouled so he’d he stumbled out of bounds but no call the game was bs other than hardens final 3

    • Luis Rivera says:

      @Just Here Tell everyone you didn’t watch the game casual

  8. Aidan Xavier says:

    It is stunning to see Harden so masterful in the midrange. A long way from his Rockets days, we are witnessing one of the most versatile players ever. Former MVP for a reason.

  9. Marlo Joseph says:

    James harden reminds everyone why he was MVP and one of the greatest scorers of all time. Unbelievable performance tonight

  10. ObA Joyner says:

    top tier commentary, ultra high level basketball this game was a classic

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