3 Awesome Ideas

3 Awesome Ideas

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Hi, there, my dear friends! In this video I will show you 3 Awesome Ideas.
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19 Responses

  1. MrGear says:

    250.000+ subscribers in the last two days! WOW!!!
    Thank you my dear friends!

  2. PIETER Q says:

    kto z polski ?!

  3. What Will Happen If? says:

    You are growing like YouTube is running after you. ???

  4. Влад Волков says:


  5. AsKaGangsta says:

    nice alarm system at the end

  6. Brandon Lamarre says:

    I hate people that say like if you agree..

    Like if you agree

  7. WWE Announcer says:

    FIrst one is kinda pointless, since lighters exist.

  8. GoisBR says:


  9. Andrey Zavarzin says:

    Hello there! Today im gonna be telling you how to make a bomb using toilet
    Items you will need:
    – toilet paper
    – a pack of dynamite

  10. MEKLEs'003 says:

    be io sono italiano e ti stimo

  11. Wintutos says:

    Fuck off they’re all stupid as fuck ideas.

  12. kramerica2k10 says:

    How about tell us what you are doing instead of the annoying music?

  13. Hairy Legs says:

    this channel probably uses 1/4 of the world’s hot glue deposit

  14. Meashling says:

    Or you can just spend 20 dollars and buy a lighter, sanding machine and a

  15. Oliver swack says:

    You have gained 200k subs since last video! congratulations :))

  16. kookaburashasvisited says:

    what can i get that spinny thing out of

  17. nyycegy says:

    Hot glue is the new duct tape

  18. Video Kreatif dan Inovatif says:

    Truly awesome. No doubt. ??☕

  19. Daniel RobboSon says:

    In the First Experiment, what was the small thin wire you used? (Im going
    to Google Translate this to Russian. I heard that MrGear was Russian) В
    первом эксперименте, то, что был небольшой тонкий провод вы используете?