3 Simple & Fun Life Hacks

3 Simple & Fun Life Hacks

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20 Responses

  1. MrGear says:

    Where are you from?

  2. chevrolet193 says:

    Day 69: Still trying to figure out how the fuck does he come up with these

  3. jelle brekelmans says:

    Learn the f*cking difference between life hack and DIY project!

  4. ILoveTech says:

    Types of people commenting :
    (1) These are not life hacks
    (2) This channel should be called mr.hotglue
    (3) Music is shit

  5. Jeff Cervantes says:

    Who else watches these type of videos but never does them EVER

  6. ROCKYHOOKS33 says:

    You you’re making a soldering tool, but you need one in order to make it?

  7. Richard Kurph says:

    “3 Simple & Fun life hacks”
    Oh yeah so simple just need some wire some glue some iron and a bunch more
    things…this isnt even a life hack

  8. Rinus Govaert says:

    Why isnt your name MrHotGlueGun?

  9. davebuts says:

    How much hot glue do you use in a year….

  10. Jammah says:


  11. Scott Gauer says:

    Dude at least stop calling them life hacks and call them mini projects. A
    life hack is like turning a chip bag into a chip bowl. This is not that

  12. Ken O'Donnell says:

    I wish we had giant Coke cans in Ireland

  13. HK 5858 says:


  14. Sideways Cat says:

    This channel wouldn’t be anything without hot glue haha

  15. Adam Ant says:

    Cool projects. They look fun.

    Not sure if anything that involves soldering qualifies as “simple” anymore.

  16. Luckysquirrel1256 says:

    You shouldn’t cut towards yourself with a knife, it is just asking for an

  17. SuperAlvin says:

    Stupid fucking idiot they are not fucking life hacks u moron

  18. xXMASTERXx says:

    Let me just change the title

    3 hard and complex projects

  19. Doerian says:

    So you need a soldering iron, to make one, how’s that a lifehack?

  20. Жека Іванюк says:

    Кто свой???