3 trials to learn the secret technique…

3 trials to learn the secret technique…

Learning the secret technique was definitely worth it

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Showing your worth speedrun

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39 Responses

  1. I am MoBo says:

    This secret technique will change lives…Subscribe or I will use it on you

  2. Jonathan Vukaj says:

    Man beat the system 3 times, respect.

  3. Anaya Chapman says:

    Speedrunners completing the Master Sword trials be like:

  4. Clorzer says:

    We can all agree when Mobo uploads our day gets better

  5. nlzer says:

    This is the type of person that can blow out beluga type content while maintaining the typical short-tuber spirit.

  6. Leprauchan 123 says:

    Ah yes the deadly thousand years of death many heroes suffered when struck by this secret technique

  7. Lazyness_exe says:

    ah yes, *the thousand years of death* ,the technique will either give an absolute pain or just some painless pain but with a horrible embarrassment to the victim

  8. Acolyte06 says:

    This man is able to access the Matrix and use Instant Transmission. He’s a god

  9. Sepritt says:

    Sensei: Precision, speed, focus.
    Student: Distraction, Deception, Trickery

  10. z says:

    ah yes, *the thousand years of death*, the technique will either cause absolute pain or only mild pain but will cause the victim great embarrassment.

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