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Led by Stephen Curry’s 31 PTS (5-10 3pt FG), along with 5 REB and 11 AST, the No. 3 seed Golden State Warriors defeated the No. 4 seed Dallas Mavericks in Game 3, 109-100. Andrew Wiggins added a Playoff career-high 27 PTS, along with 11 REB for the Warriors in the victory, while Luka Doncic tallied 40 PTS and 11 REB for the Mavericks.
Next Game » Game 4 taking place on Tuesday, May 24 (TNT, 9:00 p.m. ET)

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38 Responses

  1. Kamoshun says:

    I see Luka enjoying that LeBron James experience with his team vs the Dubs. Exquisite service.

    • Aktion Pak says:

      @Bruce Scott Truth really hurts you just can’t admit it; You got the nerve to tell somebody names and you get mad when same thing is done to you; So you are a grammar professor as well but can’t comprehend a simple fact. Don’t act smart when you are really not.

    • GodsAlphaSun says:

      @XX_playz XX Dude LBJ came Back from A 3-1 on them When they were the Best team EVER stop Hating dude And When klay was injured And He knocked them out the Play in Curry was top 3 in the MVP race You niggas is Hating!!

  2. West Coast says:

    I’ll never forget the haters saying Minnesota won that Wiggins trade not realizing they gave the warriors an elite wing entering his prime and Jonathan kuminga.

    • ste11ar says:

      @Yo Yo fuck you mean “don’t get carried away” LMAOOOO look at his stats in these playoffs or WCF alone. All-Star starter Maple Jordan is definitely elite.

    • Dubnation #1 says:

      @PS agreed i think wiggins would be in the same exact spot if he stayed in minnesota he didnt have 3 hofs teaching him everything they know on both ends definitely helped wiggins out a lot by sending him somewhere else

    • Yo Yo says:

      Don’t get carried away

    • K C says:

      If Wiggins had stayed in Cleveland he would of develop faster around Kylie but selfish Lebron came and they traded him for Love and I think he didn’t perform is best since that trade until now that he’s with golden state.., god don’t like ugly and look the year lebron not in the playoffs is the year Wiggins gona win a championship.

    • SF G says:

      All star 2 way wigs and kuminga for dlo is def regrettable.

  3. Creed ex says:

    Wiggins is a beast on the defensive end. Curry pulled them back when they’re about to slip away. All 5 players on the floor for Golden state are playing like this is their first time in the conference finals.

    • Ryaan Sabooni says:

      @Sam peter he doesn’t mean it’s inexperienced play he means they’re unbelievably hungry to win it all and they’re putting in all the effort they possibly can.

    • Sam peter says:

      this isn’t inexperienced play. the GSW are playing like they’ve won 10 times before, this is just another walk in the park.

    • b_hanock says:

      @Mario Pangelina Tf they have a lot of rings in common 😂

    • Mario Pangelina says:

      Curry Klay Dre, Iggy,Looney all have 14 rings put together they’ve been here a few times

    • Kevin Schart says:

      Wiggins is probably the best athlete in the starting 10. he can have his way with dallas.

  4. Atlantic Atmosphere says:

    The pace Warriors set in first half was absolutely insane. Nba game pace is already fast, but they(Warriors) looked like 2 steps ahead of Mavs on turbo mode. Every pass, pump fake, drive, sharp and tenacious. They clicked and peaked at perfect time this playoffs, 0 doubt win it all.

    • Devin Taylor says:

      They been doing that since 2015 they took the 2014 spurs blueprint

    • Zach Guzman says:

      They scored like 15 pts in the first quarter lol

    • Domingo Liao says:

      The Warriors has the most impressive lineup of starters & rookies athletic , agile, swift on their feet as shown on their games against Memphis who has of the same young players on their lineup, with the likes of Poole, Kaminga, Wiggins etc no player on either teams of Boston & Miami can keep the pace of the Warriors ! much more on the soft team, Dallas !

  5. Northern King says:

    That “offensive foul” on Wiggins is one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen!

  6. WeLoveYouTKO says:

    The warriors have to much firepower the mavs would need to pull the comeback of their lives to win this series

    • And Now That You Are Here, It's Crystal Clear! says:

      @XX_playz XX I agree to disagree but it is fun to entertain the idea.

    • RichardBets says:

      No team has ever come back from an 0-3 deficit. 0 for 146. Not happening.

    • XX_playz XX says:

      @And Now That You Are Here, It’s Crystal Clear! It doesn’t matter if you disagree the grizzlies are better than the Mavericks. If the warriors played the mavs in round 2 and the grizzlies played the suns it would be the warriors vs the grizzlies

    • XX_playz XX says:

      @BigSean PD The warriors are the type of team to lose on purpose so they can finish the series at their home court.

  7. DollalalalaLotsaGaming. says:

    Wiggins you did this. You’re here on the winning Warriors team because of your heart sweat and tears,
    Me as a BAY AREA NATIVE certify Wiggins as a real Warrior.
    All the Bay Area people as for wheter its MLB, NFL or the NBA we want the players to play with their hearts and leave it all out there never give up whether teams win or lose you will be loved here in the Bay Area.
    Thank you Wiggins, you got your self here because ur heart and game, same with JP and all other players on Warriors playing there hearts out thank you.
    *BAY AREA vs. Anyone.*

  8. Green Green says:

    Its definitely safe to say we’ll be seeing the Warriors again in the finals.

  9. Jix Yana says:

    I’m pretty much sure Curry could score 40pts to 50pts. If he choose to have the ball in his hands 90% of the time like Luka, calll plays, pass, shoot and/or etc… but Warriors doesn’t run plays like that. They have a system where the whole team has to trust, rely on each other as they play within their own respected role. Mavs seems to rely too much on one man, Luka.

    • Rakwil Avila says:

      LOL they have to rely on Luka. Without him they wouldnt be reaching this western finals
      as Jason Kidd said they are not supposed to be there.
      Dallas isnt a championship team with this line up. Too many missed open shots for Kleber and Bullock. Imagine of 4 of those go in they would have won like the suns and Jazz games lol

      Everything this far is just a bonus for us Mavs fans

    • NUFF SAID says:

      If the other Mavs would make shots…………………….set up by Luka, he wouldn’t have to be ball dominant.

    • simon howell says:

      Why would you want Curry to do that? So the Warriors can be one deminsional like this Dallas team and those Houston teams. Yall hero Kobe said it best, “you can’t win playing that type of basketball”

  10. Joseph Nox says:

    You know they’re good teams when they’re going “Back to back”. The Warriors 3 point shooting is another beast though, and Dallas was on their A game. The Finals is going to be a good game. Great season, just like the last NFL season.

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