3 Weeks Before My Wedding (the glass story)

3 Weeks Before My Wedding (the glass story)

You’ve been asking for it, and here it is! In part one of three in the Zaggie wedding video series, Zach explains his hospital stay and how he almost didn’t make it to the wedding!

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34 Responses

  1. Federica Piottoli says:

    Marrying a nurse a month after stabbing yourself with glass is just iconic

  2. CatalinaCNV says:

    I think Maggie’s fan club just grew by a mile. What a woman, such a fantastic sense of humor and kindness. So happy things worked out!

  3. Judge Judy says:

    From a nurse to another nurse, Maggie is a real G for cleaning Zach’s hospital room continuously 💕

  4. Hannah says:

    I died at the “I’M KEITH, and this is Eat the Menu where I eat everything at the UCLA Medical Center.” 😭😂 Zach your humor is iconic, I’m so glad to see you got through this with Maggie. Congrats to you guys once again!

  5. Newt says:

    My aunt died from sepsis this January after a years long struggle with an infection in her foot, which is making this video strangely emotional for me. I’m so glad that Zach got through this, I’m so grateful he was able to get married, and I hope he and Maggie stay healthy and safe from here on out.

    • Kashim says:

      God be good to you

    • Jenalee Thompson says:

      I’m sorry for your loss ❤️

    • Newt says:

      @Jill Sarah I’m also a disabled person, so I’m aware that healthy has different meanings and levels of accessibility to different people. I was referring more to health in terms of further infections from the leg injury, as infections, especially in immune compromised people, can be especially lingering.

    • Jill Sarah says:

      I appreciate the vulnerability in your comment and thank you for sharing. I did just want to add a friendly reminder or in case you didn’t know, that Zach experiences chronic illness/disability. We can all hope that he stays safe and avoids acute illness, but his life is one with health issues on a regular basis (I’m speaking from experience as a disabled person). <3

  6. Cece Rasmussen says:

    Mad props to Keith for stepping up and almost single-handedly keeping the channel running. I’m so glad to hear that things worked out in the end.

    • Amelia Rose says:

      The Try Guys, their partners, and employees of 2nd try are an amazing team.

    • Corinna A says:

      Absolutely! I did find that Keith is not the best fit for the show, but I did not even get the idea that is is not his.
      Shame on me, it basically screams Zach!

  7. Tiff Tiff❤️ says:

    I really appreciate the time Zach has taken in this video to highlight the INTENSE flaws that exist within our healthcare system. So glad he’s okay!

    • Shayna says:

      @Karen Parnell I have to ask, was each pill $2,500 a piece? 😅

    • Karen Parnell says:

      Oh also literally had the same exact issue as Zach, but apparently you can take c diff medication as 4 separate pills and not one $10,000 pill

    • madyson oster says:

      I had THREE insurances at the time and even that wasn’t enough to cover the bill. Let alone the antibiotics my partner had to pay 28 dollars for afterwards.

    • Maggie Richardson says:

      And here in Ontario our government wants to move us to a US based system to “fix” these exact same problems..

    • sappj7 says:

      It’s so hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that you guys could theoretically suffer an accident and that being treated at the hospital could put you in debt. Having to pay for medical care is inhumane!

  8. Ash and Bone says:

    Zach is a trooper, but Maggie is iconic. That selflessness is real, true love.❤ Living ain’t easy, but it’s easier when you’re surrounded by people who love you.

  9. Shelby Jo Neff says:

    I’m currently 3 weeks post-op from $50k surgery that wasn’t covered by insurance. So much empathy to everyone who has to deal with health issues in America. So glad Zach made it to his wedding!🥰

  10. Molly Craig says:

    How is no one talking about CNEDRED?! That is objectively the funniest part of this twisty tale.

    Also, congrats to Zach and Maggie, and so thrilled Zach is doing well💕

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