30 Days: The Kai Cenat Documentary

30 Days: The Kai Cenat Documentary

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22 Responses

  1. Rwchon Gomes says:

    Crazy how he went from a kid just making short instagram skits to the biggest twitch streamer on the planet. inspirational.

  2. Deshae Frost says:

    Love brotha🤞🏾Honored to be apart of the journey💯

    • Regensio Asadiri says:

      @Abdul fax

    • dylan kirschenman says:

      @k b bro it’s barely just now been 2 weeks. Which he said he was taking at least 2 weeks off. After streaming more in 30 days than streamers do all year. You can’t accept? That?

    • dylan kirschenman says:

      @p4 and? He was there doing content for Kai. He might as well get his own? Are y’all okay? The stream is seeing it first anyway he just giving a different angle. Y’all need to chill lmaooo

  3. l0lmimi says:

    Kai is truly inspirational and his dedication, energy, and humbleness is top tier.

  4. Kallie Heard says:

    I think this documentary is so inspirational because it shows no matter what struggle you come from there’s always hope and you have to just keep believing in yourself to fulfill your dreams, and that’s why I love Kai because he’s so relatable and gives me so much hope

  5. Carlo Tapia says:

    I’m so glad I was locked in for the entire duration of this month. We witnessed something truly remarkable! I’m hella proud to say I was supporting loyally through the process!! Mans made history for real. W mafia

  6. Ronya Ross says:

    It’s crazy how this made me want to cry. Especially when his mom came in at the in. Like I can’t remember the last time I was this proud of somebody. From the rat to the goat. Congrats Kai.

  7. Nuno Costa says:

    Momma cenat is amazing, Kai is a reflection of her love and hard work. I’m very happy and proud for Kai

  8. liv tobeblessed says:

    Omg! Kai’s mom brought a tear to my eyes. What a sweetheart! Kai is so blessed with a beautiful supportive family! I just love this. 🥰

  9. Arko says:

    This really had me tearing up at the end I’m so proud of Kai

  10. Jake says:

    Crazy what Kai been through and what hes become bro respect

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