30 More Life Hacks Debunked Pt. 3 – mental_floss on YouTube – List Show (245)

30 More Life Hacks Debunked Pt. 3 – mental_floss on YouTube – List Show (245)

A weekly show where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This week, John tests a third round of 30 “life hacks” to see if they work as promised.

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Life Hack Links:
1. Cupcake eating: http://cdn-media-1.lifehack.org/wp-content/files/2013/02/38-366×1024.jpg
2. DIY ice cream sandwich: https://twitter.com/omglifehacks/status/466639188159647744
3. Banana peeling: http://www.pyroenergen.com/articles13/images/banana-peeling3.jpg
4. Deseed pomegranate: http://cdn-media-1.lifehack.org/wp-content/files/2014/05/Deseeding-pomegranate-in-water-1024×768.jpg
5. Pizza cutter for ingredients: http://snackhacks.org/post/82823049238
6. Spoiled eggs: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mathj0OGiG1qedjgdo1_500.jpg
7. Use Kool-Aid to dye eggs: http://www.heyjenrenee.com/2011/04/kool-eggs.html
8. Dye Easter eggs with a whisk: https://twitter.com/jcpenney/status/456191059798675456
9. Grate butter: http://snackhacks.org/post/70610251010
10. Post it note keyboard cleaner: http://cdn-media-1.lifehack.org/wp-content/files/2013/02/88-before-you-throw-away-a-post-it.jpg
11. Untangle headphones: https://twitter.com/omglifehacks/status/437225465737400320
12. Headphones in tape dispenser: https://twitter.com/xpaxsays/status/456351627314593792
13. iPhone speaker: https://twitter.com/KICKERaudio/status/455728360425918464
14. Lego phone dock: http://1000lifehacks.com/post/77619704137
15. Fast Food tablet stand: http://omglifehacks.com/story/10-college-lifehacks-you-should-know/9-fast-food-tablet-stand
16. Insert straw into ketchup: http://37.media.tumblr.com/7959df0a628201aec466c845739e3109/tumblr_n0dx25NfpT1sa4vz3o1_500.png
17. Wings: http://www.buzzfeed.com/kater11/how-to-eat-chicken-wings-like-a-genius
18. Paint and rubber band: http://nowyouknowthis.com/40-incredible-life-hacks-need-know/
19. Paint tray and tin foil: http://shialabeowulf.tumblr.com/post/48901166598/99-more-life-hacks-to-make-your-life-easier
20. Comb for nail holder: http://1000lifehacks.com/post/70307807457
21. Permanent marker: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/ff/a4/50/ffa4506b93f3d8eff4e12fa7040d58f8.jpg
22. Batteries: https://twitter.com/omglifehacks/status/447070549882445825
23. Cut bread upside down: http://shialabeowulf.tumblr.com/post/48901166598/99-more-life-hacks-to-make-your-life-easier
24. Corkscrew / Hanger: http://omglifehacks.com/story/18-alcohol-lifehacks-every-adult-should-know/13-or-you-could-make-your-own-with-a-clothes-hanger
25. Frozen food bag: http://media.tumblr.com/1332728f8968645ecfc066abde46f40f/tumblr_inline_mluc18dNg91qz4rgp.jpg
26. Chocolate covered strawberries: https://twitter.com/omglifehacks/status/445952935202402304
27. Lime-a-rita pops: https://twitter.com/omglifehacks/status/466276838374146048
28. Microwave limes: http://1000lifehacks.com/post/81832300593
29. Soft ice cream: http://media.tumblr.com/1dd67bb888112221081472124cfea1f4/tumblr_inline_mluc0wAuaw1qz4rgp.jpg
30. Dryer lint as kindling: http://shialabeowulf.tumblr.com/post/48901166598/99-more-life-hacks-to-make-your-life-easier

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20 Responses

  1. Chai Tyto says:

    In Girl Scouts we used to make fire starters using paper egg cartons
    stuffed with dryer lint and filled with wax. They burn long and slow which
    is perfect for getting a fire going. 

  2. Daniel Thrash says:

    is one of the funny ist videos iv seen in a wile

  3. redstar55 says:

    That pomegranate was not good anymore! the flesh in he inside should be
    white with juicy red seeds, not brown mush!

  4. Joann Wang says:

    Your pomegranate was rotten, your eggs weren’t, and also you’re doing it
    wrong with the chicken wings. This video disappointed me…

  5. Dan Heidel says:

    John, I see your construction skills have improved considerably since you
    demo’d that wall in your basement.

  6. biosonic100 says:

    Do you guys have a Food City?

  7. Sami Z says:

    Those pomegranates are SO UNBELIEVABLY ROTTEN 

  8. Béla Hahn says:

    You need a finer tooth comb to hold the nail

  9. georules says:

    That pomegranate looked disgusting.

  10. Eric says:

    “Open” a banana? Really? 

  11. PelloTap says:

    Sorry, had to pause the video at 1:16.
    What is wrong with the pomegranate?! Was it rotten? It should be
    deliciously ruby/pink color on the inside. :/

  12. Andie Fox says:

    Dryer lint with candle wax inside a tin can works wonderfully as a portable
    camping fire-starter

  13. dcheverie says:

    MY GOD MAN! switch your fridge doors around! They are opening the wrong
    way.. takes 10 minutes with two people.. honestly.. And, makes life sooo
    much easier

  14. WhiskeyEmerald says:

    Wine openning life hack: if you put your bottle of wine in a shoe with a
    sturdy heel (something like Oxfords) and then bang it for a minute with
    significant force against the wall, the cork will start coming out and you
    will eventually be able to pull it out with your hands.
    Worked for me but it’s quite noisy and not so good for the wall.

  15. 13dannyboy13 says:

    instead of using foil to line the paint tray, you can actually buy paint
    tray liners. And no they aren’t that expensive either.

  16. Andrea W says:

    The comb holding the nail was wrong. You get a tighter comb to hold it.
    Then the hack drink cup thing, flip it over and try

  17. MrsDoctorMelodyPond says:

    John, sometimes you give up on the hack too quickly- you make me cringe
    when you do something incorrectly!

  18. Zanic Du says:

    John, the life hack of coring a lettuce you said was false. Did five times
    and PASS!

  19. Jonathan Cann says:

    It would probably work better if you didn’t use a rotten pomegranate!

  20. elizabeth bennett says:

    I love these videos! Its so fun to watch John try to figure out the mostly
    ambiguous life hacks from the internet 🙂 I can’t wait til the next one!