30 More Life Hacks Debunked Pt. 4 – mental_floss List Show Ep. 404

30 More Life Hacks Debunked Pt. 4 – mental_floss List Show Ep. 404

A weekly show where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This week, John looks at 30 more life hacks!

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20 Responses

  1. Tsiki Condor says:

    thoses cookies at the start are so cute :3

  2. Angie Haumont says:

    You did the egg one wrong the one that spun faster didn’t have more

  3. Julie Clements says:

    …. it takes more than a few shakes to make whipped cream

  4. plutosknight says:

    I knew which egg was raw by the spin.

  5. UnpublishedGameDev says:

    best, gross way, to eat a kiwi is to wash It and eat It life hack xD

  6. giltine002 says:

    If you can’t tear an apple into two with your hands, then you’re a weak ass

  7. YouBazinga says:

    Funniest Mental Floss ever, watching John use his physical skills :-)

  8. Abigail Cote says:

    You used quite a bit of jelly, Sir Green.

  9. Mike Hermida says:

    #22: how are you supposed to get the first pistachio shell?

  10. Lizzy Mondai says:

    dude you didnt shake the whipped cream near long enough!!

  11. NZDLo says:

    Kiwi *fruit. (Kiwi = a person from NZ or the bird). Also, best to cut it in
    half then scoop with a spoon. :)

  12. v1nchynoobs says:

    THE EGG ONE DOES WORK! The boiled egg will spin much faster than the raw
    one and I could see that from the video.
    >you can also shake it up to your ear and can hear the yolk and insides
    swish around
    >or you can spin it, stop it, then let go, a raw egg will keep spinning
    (from the momentum of the insides) and a cooked one should just stay still.

    And the cream one works aswell, you just need to do it for longer. Like
    what the hell do you think one second is going to do?

  13. ripyotoodooles Jack says:

    some of these are easy he just doesn’t have skill

  14. Jazzie Red says:

    As soon as you spinned the eggs I knew which was which… It’s not the
    wobble, but how fast it spins.

  15. Jacob Westman says:

    A guy is trying to market a pizza plate box. Just comes with more

  16. artofvoice says:

    If you had shaken the cream and sugar for a longer time, it would have

  17. Sidney Horne says:

    you can definitely tell the difference between a raw and hard boiled egg be
    spinning them….you just did it wrong.

  18. Jeffrey Coplin says:

    You didn’t even shake the bottle long nought for whipped cream to form

  19. pipsipirate says:

    I didn’t understand what you were trying to do with the Mango…

  20. Jesse Cher says:

    He didnt even shake the waterbottle long enough to make whipped cream